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    5-Lynda.com Working With Color

    Working with Color with Bruce Heavin is a movie-based tutorial designed to help anyone understand the basic principles of color relationships, especially as they relate to digital design and/or composition.
    Part one of the training begins with a 47-minute lecture on color principles featuring value, hue and color relationships. Part two of the training involves a workshop covering digital color mixing, shifting, saturation, tinting, shading, hue, toning, the creation of swatches, personalized color systems and more. Step-by-step instructions using Adobe Photoshop guide you through a number of exercises so you can learn at your own pace.

    PHP Code:
    Part IColor Principles Lecture 1h 34m
    introduction 8m 1s
    View Entire Lecture 47m 14s
    relative value 11m 10s
    color structure 1m 35s
    relative hue 3m 41s
    saturation 8m 40s
    compositional reads 2m 17s
    relative size 2m 6s
    compositional focus 2m 5s
    color relationships 7m 29s
    Part II
    Creating Color Relationships 2h 14m
    color worksheet 13m 54s
    mixing palette 5m 39s
    shifting color 1m 18s
    shifting saturation 4m 51s
    tinting colors 3m 16s
    shading colors 3m 7s
    shifting hue 
    and saturation 3m 54s
    shifting hues 4m 32s
    toning colors 3m 0s
    other means 3m 29s
    applying color 8m 6s
    applying color 2 7m 1s
    complementary colors 7m 14s
    further defining 8m 22s
    complementary gradient 8m 11s
    cross complementary 7m 8s
    creating swatches 4m 24s
    building template part 1 2m 31s
    building template part 2 3m 11s
    building template part 3 8m 32s
    building template part 4 8m 50s
    building template part 5 3m 33s
    grey practice 4m 49s
    web color 5m 18s
    Part II
    Creating Color Relationships (Fireworks1h 5m
    color worksheet 2m 6s
    creating a color worksheet 8m 57s
    mixing palette 5m 36s
    shifting color 5m 58s
    shifting saturation 5m 43s
    tinting colors 4m 38s
    shading colors 4m 24s
    shifting hue 
    and saturation 4m 36s
    shifting hue 4m 10s
    shifting tone 4m 44s
    color refinements 6m 57s
    complementary colors 7m 31s 

    Part I - Color Principles Lecture
    Part II - Creating Color Relationships
    Part II - Creating Color Relationships - Fireworks
    Exercise Files



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