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الكاتب me66, 31-03-2020, 08:02 AM
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Agisoft PhotoScan Professional v1.4.2 Win/MacOS/Linux

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  • Agisoft PhotoScan Pro v1.4.2 MacOS/Linux

    Languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

    Agisoft PhotoScan is an advanced image-based 3D modeling solution aimed at creating professional quality 3D content from still images. Based on the latest multi-view 3D reconstruction technology, it operates with arbitrary images and is efficient in both controlled and uncontrolled conditions. Photos can be taken from any position, providing that the object to be reconstructed is visible on at least two photos. Both image alignment and 3D model reconstruction are fully automated.

    Main Features

    Aerial and close-range triangulation
    Point cloud generation (sparse / dense)
    Polygonal model generation (plain / textured)
    Setting coordinate system
    Digital Elevation Model (DEM) generation
    True orthophoto generaton
    Georeferencing using flight log and / or GCPs
    Multispectral imagery processing
    4D reconstruction for dynamic scenes
    Python scripting support



    WIN X64


    Linux x64

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    جزاكَ الله خيراً أخي الكريم ... جهد ومجهود طيب ... تقبل تحياتي.

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    Great tool. Thanks a lot.

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    Greetings friends, Does anyone have an Agisoft tutorial to share.

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    Many Thanks My Brother

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    thanks, dear

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    تسلم ايدك مديرنا الكريم


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    thank you so much