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    إدارة خدمات النسخ والطباعة والمسح الضوئيPaperCut MF Version 18.2.6 Build 46457

    ​Extend the power of PaperCut using MFD embedded software and hardware integration to provide full print, copy, scan and fax control.

    PaperCut MF is a cross-platform print monitoring application that runs on all major operating systems. The system has been designed to support all platforms for both the client and the server components and to scale from small businesses with 5 users all the way to the largest education sites with 500,000 users or more.

    PaperCut 18.2 includes a couple of cool features we think you need to know about: Mobility Print meets secure print release and Integrated scanning for HP OXP. Plus, a bunch of other improvements.​​​​​​


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