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    Longman English Interactive

    Longman English Interactive - Is a 4-level, video-based, integrated skills program that includes over 100 hours of instruction per level. The program provides presentation and practice in grammar, speaking, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading and writing.
    Online access anytime, anywhere
    Contemporary video with engaging characters presents real language in context
    Ongoing student assessment allows teachers and students to monitor progress
    Living Grammar dynamically illustrates how grammar works.
    Longman English Interactive 1 - Level 1 - Beginner - Level 1 is organized into three five-unit modules. Students learn skills necessary to communicate effectively in real-world situations, including how to:
    Make introductions and exchange important information
    Describe people, places, and things
    Relay news, current events, and discuss life experiences
    Make schedules, plan events, and make travel arrangements
    Interview effectively.
    Longman English Interactive 2 - Level 2 - High Beginner - Level 2 is organized into three five-unit modules. It builds on Level 1 language skills to help learners master important communication strategies. Students engage in interactive activities that present a variety of useful topics, including how to:
    Talk about work and other routines
    Give advice and provide recommendations
    Order items, read directions, use computer hardware and software
    Discuss travel and culture
    Talk about personal experiences, health, and lifestyle.
    Longman English Interactive 3 - Level 3 - Intermediate - Level 3 is organized into three four-unit modules. Course material is based on an exciting video drama involving an aspiring journalist and a sports star accused of accepting a bribe. Students develop real-world communication strategies, including how to:
    Make social plans
    Respond to news
    Propose an idea
    Express certainty and uncertainty
    Ask follow-up questions
    Ask for and give opinions.
    Longman English Interactive 4 - Level 3 - High Intermediate - Level 4 is organized into three four-unit modules. It continues the video drama from Level 3 to help students to perfect their language skills. Learners participate in activities related to everyday life and work situations, including how to:
    Show skepticism and sarcasm
    End a conversation
    Identify problems and suggest solutions
    Suggest a course of action
    Talk about intentions
    Give and accept compliments.


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