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    Beauty Retouch3.2 WIN/MAC

    BeautyRetouch3.2 panel along with PixelJugler, installers for PC and MAC, real installer not just a bunch of files you have to put inside of a folder and pray that works. It´s working on my CC 2018 last version.

    Beauty Retouch panel combines basic Beauty retouching scripts, tool and adjustment layer shortcuts, which will add simplicity to and speed up your workflow by performing the tedious and repetitive parts of your routine. Utilizing a few advanced and extremely helpful scripts, as well as the ability to add custom User Actions, this extension panel will also save you hours of work in the short and long-term as well as help you achieve accurate, repeatable top-quality results, and impress your clients!

    The Beauty Retouch Workflow Accelerator is a Photoshop extension panel designed to help photographers and retouchers speed up their Beauty, Fashion & Portrait retouching workflow and increase the quality of their retouching results. It is compatible with officially licensed versions of Adobe Photoshop: from CS6 to CC2018.

    RA Panel: Pixel Juggler

    We are also happy to announce that along with the Beauty Retouch v3.2 panel, we have created our Pixel Juggler, a free panel that simplifies access to regularly used functions typically hidden in various menus. The Pixel Juggler panel is also our test panel for you to ensure that RA Panels can be installed and work properly on your computer before you purchase the Beauty Retouch Workflow Accelerator.

    When both our RA panels are installed and placed into one tab group, you can easily switch between them to access the desired functions and buttons. The more you work with these super handy panels, the quicker your workflow will become!



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