Bridge engineering - Substructure Design

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    Bridge engineering - Substructure Design


    Bridge Engineering Handbook


    is a unique, comprehensive, and the state-of-the-art reference work

    and resource book covering the major areas of bridge engineering with the theme “bridge to the 21st

    century.” It has been written with practicing bridge and structural engineers in mind. The ideal readers

    will be M.S.-level structural and bridge engineers with a need for a single reference source to keep abreast

    of new developments and the state-of-the-practice, as well as to review standard practices.

    The areas of bridge engineering include planning, analysis and design, construction, maintenance, and

    rehabilitation. To provide engineers a well-organized and user-friendly, easy to follow resource, the

    Handbook is divided into four volumes: I, Superstructure Design II, Substructure Design III, Seismic

    Design, and IV, Construction and Maintenance.

    Volume II: Substructure Design

    addresses the various substructure components: bearings, piers and

    columns, towers, abutments and retaining structures, geotechnical considerations, footing and foundations, vessel collisions, and bridge hydraulics.


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