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    Listen to English - learn English

    The podcast website for people learning English

    Top language blog 2009!

    Hello everybody, it has been a long time since my last share over here in English Section so Today I will share one of the best blogs for learning English which is rated the top language blog for 2009 before and her below is the link


    And I would like to share with you guys all the podcasts which easily you could download it from below link and burn it on Mp3 CD or Flash memory and enjoy Listening learning English podcast archives for the seven years which Mr. Peter had prepared in his amazing blog

    And I would like to thank Mr. Peter and appreciate his good work & really I have utilized and avail of his podcasts and my accent has been improved a lot and for the same I wish all of You guys avail .

    RAR file 392 MB

    I have attached sample of podcast you could have a try

    Thanks and Regards

    New star
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