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    VideoHive - Wedding Titles Kit - 100 Titles [AEP]

    A large package for all occasions for the decoration of your romantic movie. In this package you will find from a large number of overlays to various highlights, bokeh, captions .... that is, everything that is sometimes so necessary to give the video material that zest, after which it will sparkle ... and everyone will say: “Ah!”

    Title: VideoHive - Wedding Titles Kit - 100 Titles
    Official Website: VideoHive
    Project ID: 19434063
    Project Type: After Effects
    Format: AEP

      - After Effects CS5.5 or above
    - Full HD (1920x1080) Resolution
    - No 3rd party plugins required
    - Easy to edit;
    - Duration of wedding titles 10 seconds;
    - Duration of Intro title styles 12 seconds;
    - Framerate 30fps
    - Video Tutorial Included

    - 100 wedding titles (100% Shape Layers)
    - 100 light leaks
    - 26 dust particles
    - 22 intro title styles (with Image\Video placeholder)
    - 16 bokeh backgrounds
    - 8 rain particle effects
    - 16 particle overlays
    - 100 wedding titles (illustrator vector files) fully editable

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        من فضلك أستاذ سعد الدين
        الملف لا يعمل. شكرا

          Originally posted by edgarinfo *
          من فضلك أستاذ سعد الدين
          الملف لا يعمل. شكرا
          قمت بتحميل ملف التورنت واشتغل التحميل السرعة عالية جدا 11 ميجا بالثانية وهذه الصورة للاثبات