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    Start Your Own Business Repairing Cell Phones

    This course teaches you step-by-step how to repair cell phones as well as how to make money repairing cell phones.
    Created by Sung Jae Lee, LBE Academy
    Last updated 11/2014
    What Will I Learn?
    Diagnose Issues with defective cell phones
    Identify the Solution for issues found during diagnosis
    Disassemble and Reassemble most cell phones
    Replace micro components
    Fix broken screens on cell phones
    Understand some of the circuits theory related to cell phones
    Understand the business aspect of the cell phone repair industry
    A broken cell phone to practice with, preferably an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone due to demand of repairs on those phones. You can purchase offline or online from Ebay or Craigslist, or from a family or friend.
    Basic repair tools, such as wire cutters, small Phillips screw drivers, flat head screw drivers, heat gun, adhesive, Isopropyl alcohol, soldering station

    Learn the skills that you will need to diagnose and repair broken cell phones and ultimately learn how to make money from repairing phones.

    Gain technical knowledge in repairing cell phones as well as business knowledge in making money.
    Learn to correctly disassemble cell phones
    Diagnosing a problem
    Screen repair
    Circuits theory
    Business concepts in making money

    Make money immediately!

    The cell phone repair business is a $1.8 billion dollar industry in the U.S. alone, which is growing fast with a lot of demand globally. Since there is very little start up cost and you can jump right in this business, today. You will learn step-by-step, from technical know-how to the business knowledge of how to make money from this course.

    Unlike other courses, you do not have to apply for a job after you take a course. You can work from home, with a partner, with stores, and even from a van if you’d like, and make potentially $8000 to $10,000 a month, depending on the number of customers. The number of people owning cell phones will keep increasing, not decrease. There will always be damage to phones, which is why this business has been around since the first iPhone in 2007.


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