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    Electrical (.0.1) Addon for Autodesk AutoCAD 2020

    Release Year: 2019
    Program Version: 2020.0.1 Build
    Build author: m0nkrus
    Platform: Windows x64
    Interface language: Russian / English
    Medication: Present


    Auto Reporting
    Formation and updating of custom reports.

    Collaboration with customer and supplier
    Convenient sharing of drawings in DWG format with other interested parties.

    Convenient project management
    Using folders to organize drawings and changing the order of files in electrical projects.

    PDF publishing
    Publishing diagrams as a multi-page PDF file.

    Numbering wires and assigning positional designations of components
    Reduce errors due to automatic wire numbering and component positioning.

    Circuit Design and Reuse
    Using a circuit designer to optimize the design of electrical systems.

    Graphic libraries for electrical circuits
    Choice from an extensive library of electrical graphics.

    Real time check
    Identification of problems before the construction phase begins.

    Linking the coil and its contacts
    Tracking the contacts of parent and child components in real time.

    Drawings of PLC I / O devices based on tabular data
    Defining project I / O assignments.

    Parts Catalog Browser
    Improved viewing and direct insertion of the component.

    Interaction with Autodesk Inventor
    An integrated solution for the design of mechatronic systems in Inventor.

    Use Google Translate to translate the instructions ( Readme.txt files ) RU to EN

    Everything necessary for treatment, including detailed instructions, is located inside the image in the Cra**ck folder.

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