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    Schlumberger Petrel 12 Weeks Course

    In this project, a 3D geological (static) model of a sample petroleum reservoir will be built. All steps will be shown in detail with screen shots of the necessary figures. The software to be used is Petrel, which is a product of Schlumberger, used to build 3D geological models of petroleum reservoirs. The project is divided in chapters as indicated in the Petrel Workflow Tools. After some modifications and enhancements to the Petrel Workflow, the chapters will be presented as follows:

    1. Introduction
    2. Data Import
    3. Input Data Editing
    4. Well Correlation
    5. Fault Modeling
    6. Pillar Gridding
    7. Vertical Layering
    8. Geometrical Property Modeling
    9. Upscaling in the Vertical Direction-Well Logs Upscaling
    10. Facies Modeling
    11. Petrophysical Modeling
    12. Defining Fluid Contacts
    13. Volume Calculation


    احتاج الى هذا الكورس Schlumberger Petrel 12 Weeks Course ممكن احد يبين لي كيف احصل عليه