اصنع من صورك الشخصية اجمل النتائج وكروت لكل المناسبات مع..EZ Photo Calendar Creator

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    EZ Photo Calendar Creator Plus v907

    اصنع من صورك الشخصية اجمل النتائج واغلفة للكتب والمجلدات وكروت لكل المناسبات مع هذا البرنامج الرائع جدا ,,,


    Create Wall, Annual, and CD Case Calendars

    Choose from many different page layouts - include up to 9 photos on each month!

    Includes over 300 professionally pre-made fun border themes

    Easily add your personal events, birthdays, anniversaries, and dates to the calendar

    Supports reoccurring dates so you will not have to retype birthdays, anniversaries for following years

    Customize all elements of your calendars including fonts, grid line colors, border themes, and more

    Add thumbnail graphics to the date boxes like a picture of a pumpkin on Halloween and a picture of uncle Mark on his Birthday

    Easily add U.S. holidays and Moon Phases to your calendar

    Change the text for the days of the week and months of the year (great for other languages)

    Create Calendars for any year or month, software lasts a lifetime

    Optional - Add 4 lines of imprinted text or a logo on the bottom of each calendar page - great for companies looking for brand recognition.


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