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    PDF OCR 4.3.3
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    النص المحول

    The War with the Saxons ('7‘72#803):-
    W'}-[EN Charlemagne became sole ruler of the Franks, in
    771, he found his kingdom pretty well hemrned in by a belt of
    kindred, though more or less hostile, Germanic peoples. The
    most important of these were the Visigoths in northern Spain,
    the Lombards in the Po Valley, the Bavarians in the region of
    the upper Danube, and the Saxons between the Rhine and the
    Elbe. The policy of the new king, perhaps only dimly
    outlined*at the beginning of the reign but growing ever more
    definite as time went on, was to bring all of these neighboring
    peoples under the Frankish dominion, and so to build up a
    great state which should include the whole Germanic race of
    western and northern continental Europe. Most of the king's
    time during the first thirty years, or two-thirds, of the reign
    was devoted to this stupendous task. The first great step was
    taken in the conquest of the Lombards in 774, after which
    Charlemagne assumed the title of King of the Lombards. In
    787 Bavaria was annexed to the Frankish kingdom, the
    settlement in this case being in the nature of a complete
    absorption rather than a mere personal union such as followed
    the Lombard conquest. The next year an expedition across the
    Pyrenees resulted in the annexation of the Spanish March a
    region in which the Visigoths had managed to maintain some
    degree of independence against the Saracens. In all tjiese
    directions little fighting was necessary and for one reason or
    another the sovereignty of the Frankish king was recognized
    without much delay or resistance.

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