OfficeRecovery 2008 Ultimate Enterprise لتصليح ملفات الأوفيس

OCR, Scan, Edit, Convert PDF, PowerPoint and DOC

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    OfficeRecovery v2008 Ultimate Enterprise

    OfficeRecovery suites combine data recovery programs into convenient setup packages. OfficeRecovery suite provides functionality to recover most of standard Microsoft Office files, whilst OfficeRecovery Ultimate version contains of recovery utility for almost every possible task

    The suites support all innovations of Microsoft Office 2007 format

    Recovery for Access
    Recovers Access
    databases FreeUndelete
    Undelete lost files
    and foldersMediaHeal for CD and DVD
    Restore data from
    corrupted CD/DVD MediaHeal for Hard Drives
    Restore data from
    damaged hard drives MediaHeal for Flash
    Restore data from
    corrupted flash cards MediaHeal for Diskettes
    Restore data from
    damaged floppies MediaHeal for Removable Disks
    Restore data from
    corrupted optical drives Recovery for Money
    Recovers MS Money
    filesRecovery for Outlook Express
    Recovers Outlook Express
    foldersRecovery for Outlook
    Recovers Outlook
    pst filesRecovery for OneNote
    Recovers MS OneNote
    Recovers OpenOffice
    Calc spreadsheets WriterRecovery
    Recovers OpenOffice
    Writer documents Recovery for Publisher
    Recovers MS Publisher
    files PDFRecovery
    Recovers Adobe
    PDF documents PixRecovery
    Recovers damaged
    JPEG/GIF/TIFF files Recovery for PowerPoint
    Recovers PowerPoint
    presentationsRecovery for Project
    Recovers MS Project
    Recovers Adobe
    Photoshop files Undelete for Outlook
    Retrives lost
    Outlook itemsRecovery for Works Database
    Recovers MS Works
    databasesRecovery for Works Spreasheet
    Recovers MS Works
    spreadsheetsRecovery for Works Word
    Recovers MS Works
    Recovers WordPerfect
    documentsRecovery for Word
    Recovers Word documentsRecovery for Excel
    Recovers Excel
    Recovers corrupted
    Zip archives




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