برنامج REGISTRY BACKUP 3.4.1 لعمل نسخة احتياطية من ملفات الريجيسترى واستعادتها

Backup, Restore and Synchronization System and Files

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    برنامج REGISTRY BACKUP 3.4.1 لعمل نسخة احتياطية من ملفات الريجيسترى واستعادتها

    Tweaking.com - Registry Backup Change Log.

    Fixed bug where some text wouldn't show up, such as the successful message after a backup. This was do to the new color controls and pointing to an old value. This has been fixed.

    The program now backs up the security descriptor (Permissions) of the actual registry files themselves. So when restoring the registry with the program it will then have a service run at next boot after the registry files have been put back in place and set the permissions on the files from the backup. This has a lot of benefits in case permissions of the files had gotten corrupted or changed. Also in Windows 10 and its extreme sensitivity to permissions, if permissions are not exactly how it wants them then things stop working.
    ManageACL_32.exe and ManageACL_64.exe have been added to the files folder. These are the exes the program will use when setting the permissions. The TweakingRegRestore exes added to the files folder are used to install as a service and at next boot, after the registry files are loaded and in their place, will then run the ManageACL and then the service will uninstall itself.

    Bug Fix - On Windows 10, when restoring the user registry files and using the MoveFilesAtBoot api, the permissions of the user registry file wouldn't be what they where suppose to be and wouldn't take the permissions from the parent folder like it is suppose to. The system registry files where fine. So now with restoring the permissions to the files this will keep that from happening.

    Replaced all the custom controls that the new Code Junkie controls could replace in the program. This includes the tree view and so tweaking_com_treeview.ocx and TweakingFormControls.ocx have been removed from the program. Codejock.Controls.Unicode.v17.1.0.ocx has been added to the program.

    Bug Fix - Deleting old backups wouldn't remove any files in the backup that where hidden or marked as read only or system. The backups normally don't have these set and removes them, but if they where changed after then they wouldn't delete.

    Bug Fix - Sometimes restoring of the registry files wouldn't work, this has been fixed.

    Multiple code updates and improvements. From work on the other programs on the site I have found better, faster and more stable APIs to use for a lot of things and so have updated all code to the new APIs.

    Complete code rewrites to a lot of sections in the program. Since replacing the controls I needed to change the code to work with them. I also had better faster ways to have the code.

    Updated the color options to the new ones used in the windows repair program.

    Updated the icons used in the new tree view control.


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