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    Office Password Recovery Magic

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    Office Password Recovery Magic -- 2.12 Mb
    Office Password Recovery Magic is password recovery software designed to help users recover the lost or forgotten password. Any office files' read-only passwords can be recovered here. We still can recover *.xls, *.ppt, *.mdb, *.doc and Office 2007 formats files. The easy-to-use interface help users do exact search. Users can set parameters to exact the range of searching password, such as the length of the password and the shape of the password. Users still can using dictionary file, which is a string document to find password more quickly. You can enjoy full function of recovering password. If you have questions or suggestions about our software, please contact us, we hope to grow up with you together.

    Key Features of Office Password Recovery Magic:
    - Recover the lost or forgotten password quickly.
    - Recover read-only passwords for Microsoft Office Word.
    - Recover read-only passwords for Microsoft Office Excel.
    - Recover read-only passwords for Microsoft Office PowerPoint.
    - Recover read-only passwords for Microsoft Office Access.
    - User-friendly interface.


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