[LinkedIn / Scott Onstott] SketchUp Weekly [2018-2019, ENG] + Sub (Eng) Updated 01.04.2019

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    [LinkedIn / Scott Onstott] SketchUp Weekly [2018-2019, ENG] + Sub (Eng) Updated 01.04.2019

    Add some clever new techniques to your SketchUp repertoire. In this weekly series, instructor Scott Onstott shares practical tips and tricks that can help you work smarter with this popular 3D modeling software. In each installment, Scott shares best practices for using the standard SketchUp toolset, as well as ways that you can leverage extensions to enhance your drawings. Learn techniques for importing and cleaning up CAD drawings, using math to model precise forms, and much more.

    What you should know
    SketchUp Tips Weekly
    01 - Best practices for importing CAD drawings
    02 - Clean up CAD drawings with extensions
    03 - Model walls with outer shell
    04 - Use math to model precise forms
    05 - Control softening and smoothing
    06 - Composite SketchUp 2D graphics
    07 - Make photographic entourage
    08 - Create depth-of-field effects with fog
    09 - Animate section planes
    10 - Master arrays
    11 - Use the tape measure and protractor
    12 - Create flights of stairs for any rise and run
    13 - Work with drawing axes
    14 - Add functionality to SketchUp
    15 - Explore Fredo6's Bezier Spline tools
    16 - Model pottery with a Bezier spline
    17 - Loft a handle with Curviloft
    18 - Cycle materials in dynamic components
    19 - Control object visibility
    20 - Keyboard shortcut strategy
    21 - Animate a door as a dynamic component
    22 - Prepare and save dynamic components
    23 - Work in interiors [no subs]
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