Useful site for Civil Engineering "MIDAS Products"

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    • Sep 2018
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    Greetings friends! This is my first time ever posting! The following links I believe can be very useful for Civil Engineers.
    I hope it may be of use for this community as it has been for me

    MIDAS Products:

    >>> Midas Gen 2015
    Midas Gen provides linear and nonlinear structural analysis capabilities. A large collection of finite elements has been implemented for applications in civil and building structures. The program’s efficient analysis algorithms yield exceptional versatility and accurate results appropriate for practical design applications.

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    >>> Midas Design+ 2015
    Midas Design+ is a collection of handy structural component design and detailing tools, which are easy to use and speed up the day-to-day design process. midas Design+ is developed to be simple, fast and accurate.

    >>> Midas Civil 2011
    Combining structural analysis capabilities with civil engineering specific stage analysis, pushover analysis and nonlinear time history features, midas Civil provides the necessary tools for advanced modeling, analysis and design for the bridge engineer. Features include RC, steel, PSC bridge design, suspension and cable-stayed bridge analysis, construction analysis and heat of hydration analysis, just to name a few.

    Civil Engineering
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