Bentley topoGRAPH V8i v08.11.09.95

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    • Sep 2018
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    Topography is the basis of any infrastructure work, be it a bridge, an airport, a railroad or an urban subdivision. In this important engineering market, topoGRAPH has become the standard and market-leading software adopted by the great Brazilian construction companies, mining companies, designers and topography companies because it was conceived and developed as a solution that takes into account the specific workflow of the Local professionals.

    This success caught the attention of Bentley Systems, a multinational corporation whose core business is to provide sustainable infrastructure solutions. In March of this year, the topGRAPH was chosen by Bentley as the first acquisition in the Latin American market and, from there, began the work of migrating the software to its graphics platform.

    In more than two decades of existence, Bentley top GRAPH has never stopped evolving, and once it has been acquired, the new version of the software brings even more news: now it runs on its own CAD, which enables a more interactive interface and adds 3D visualization features, new graphics, advanced geometric calculations, increased dot loading capability and plot models, and the user can also generate the final plant of their work. It maintains the same workflow, be it in topography, earthworks or road projects, but in a much more efficient and productive way. And it also provides users with powerful tools for creating designs and plans, analyzing terrain models, calculating earth-moving volumes, and designing roads and railways. If all that were not enough, the topGRAPH is now also compatible and interoperable with a family of more than 300 products that Bentley has in its portfolio, enabling the user to expand their scope of work and deliver better designs.

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