Intergraph Smartplant 3D 2014 R1

Engineering Applications

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    SIntergraph Smartplant 3D or SP3D one of the most advanced design software factories in the two decades provided a process Intergraph, Power & Marine's next-generation, data-centric solutions in the axis for efficient process design and engineering in while preserving existing data makes it reusable. This modeling software Hoshmand 3D, has a full range of complementary software has all the functionality needed to design a plant that provides for you. Intergraph Smartplant 3D to follow is to make changes in engineering and design.

    Features and amenities Intergraph Smartplant 3D:
    Simple and user-friendly environment and magical possibilities for complex tasks easily
    The ability to share Trkh in real time, saving time and money
    Increase design quality and better communication between engineering
    Design effective management, reducing project schedules and costs
    Ease of installation, setup and configuration, and tools to help managers plan was in the works
    Ease of integration with other Intergraph products and third party applications
    To see the full data Intergraph Smartplant 3D is here to see.

    required system
    Operating Systems

    Microsoft 32-bit & 64-bit Windows 7 - Professional and Enterprise Client

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional



    3. 0 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor or Core 2 Dual Processor

    20to 60 MB of free disk space





    rar Password: www.downloadly.ir


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