AVEVA Review v12.2.0.11

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    • Sep 2018
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    AVEVA Review v12.2.0.11

    AVEVA Review is a highly effective and intuitive 3D visualisation tool for displaying and interacting with plant and marine model data from a range of 3D design systems, principally AVEVA PDMS or AVEVA Outfitting. Review delivers a realistic, easily navigated view of the model, usable by all disciplines throughout the project lifecycle. Review is specifically designed to meet today’s industry demands for the effective review of every size of project, from the smallest module to the biggest global collaboration. By providing easy access to the underlying design data, Review allows users to freely explore the design model to view areas of interest and check equipment attributes, location and status. For communicating complex ideas or undertaking multi-discipline project reviews, without the cost and disruption of physical travel, Review provides the perfect visual collaboration link for use at all stages of the project lifecycle, using standard enterprise communications. Combined with the additional collaborative features of AVEVA ReviewShare, Review enables 3D communication to be used as an everyday working tool by all participants in projects of any size, anywhere in the world. Review delivers high-performance 3D model rendering and walk-through for large, complex plant and marine models. The 64-bit version offers dramatically increased capacity and performance when working with extremely large design models.



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