Graphical Rapid Analysis of Structures Program (GRASP)

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    GRASP is a 2D structure analysis software. It is a user friendly software. Two dimensional analysis of frame structures like beams, trusses and rigid frames can be carried out on it. GRASP has a graphical user interface so its easy to draw frames and trusses then apply loads and run analysis. Following are some of the major features of GRASP.

    Major Features of Graphical Rapid Analysis of Structures Program

    - Modeling and analysis of multiple models in one file
    - Presetting of default load cases and load factors
    - Internal and automatic tracking of node numbers and member incidences
    - Display the structural model at all times on the screen during analysis and
    superimposition of the analysis results on the model after analysis
    - A Structure Wizard provides a step-by-step guideline for the generation of multistory
    structural models
    - Supports SI, US and metric units and use of mixed units
    - Apply loads on nodes and on members in multiple load cases
    - Eight pre-defined types of cross-sections
    - Set values of material properties
    - Various restraint conditions including spring supports
    - Apply member releases at the ends of members
    - Diagram of results with values and tables
    - View and print the analysis results for the full structure up to 20 sections for a



    Note: All info included in the file. Enjoy.
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