Bentley Limcon build 12/10/2015

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    Bentley Limcon build 12/10/2015

    What's New
    New Connections
    Hollow structural section connections.
    4-bolt and 8-bolt moment end plate connections for RHS/SHS.
    AISC flush and extended multiple row moment end plate connections.
    Bolt goup and weld group.

    Other New Features

    Options for checking to AISC LRFD and BS 5950*.
    Additional libraries, bolt sizes, and grades.
    Section library management / section input.
    Display of section and member mark in virtual reality view.
    Optional elastic/plastic analysis for splices and moment connections.

    Additions to Existing Connections

    Axial loads in WSP, FEP, and ACLT connections.
    Column shear in haunched moment end plate connection.
    Option for 4 lines of bolts in splice plates and moment end plates.
    More than 2 columns of bolts in web splice plates.
    More than 2 columns of bolts in bracing cleat.
    Checking of attached plate and member in bracing cleat connection.
    Revised weld capacity requirement in web side plate connection.


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