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    برنامج PhotoSculpt Textures v1.01
    PhotoSculpt Textures v1.01 -- 31 MB

    البرنامج لانشاء او تصميم نماذج 3D

    PhotoSculpt Textures is a software that creates 3D models and 3D textures from just two photos of the same subject. Render of a tree bark 3D model made with the software PhotoSculpt Textures. The source front and right images are provided as samples with the software.

    Top Features :

    Very high quality of depth detail

    Very high resolution results

    Very fast : 3d model are displayed on screen within seconds
    while still processing

    3d model export (obj, stl)
    texture map export (color, depth, normal, ambient occlusion, specular)

    Tileable texture option


    High definition depth extraction for unpreceeded

    professional results. click here to see our gallery

    Very high texture size: The automated sculpting phase ends

    when the same size as the source photos is obtained, witch is usually a very high definition 3d model or texture.

    Fast: It takes only 1 s to display the first low polygon model
    The 3D model resolution increases over time with immediate visual feedback in 3D

    High definition model obtained within 40 seconds (on a 3Gz Intel processor)

    Fully sculpting a 12Mpix source images takes 4 minutes

    Clean intuitive interface: click here to view a video of the interface in action

    Easy to learn and use

    Full screen 3D display

    Optimised viewing with popup toolbars that appears only when needed

    Drag and drop support for images

    Open both FRONT and RIGHT photo in one dialog box with multiple selection

    Images are sorted automatically for efficiency (users are recommended to shoot FRONT PHOTO first and RIGHT PHOTO second)

    Image 90° rotation and swaping tool
    Lighweight application (12 Mb in Idle), it fires-up almost immediately

    Fully multithreaded interface : Rotate 3d view / zoom in-out / Move / crop / change map display type while sculpting is still in progress

    Generates following texture maps: click here to view or download FREE samples

    Depth map (can be used as displace map or displacement map)

    Normal maps

    Ambient occlusion maps

    Specular maps

    Diffuse maps (color)

    Other handy features :

    Make texture seamless tileable in one click. Click to see the video here

    Increase / decrease depth in one click

    Handy "flat mode" to correct flatness of texture in one click in case you have shot your texture in awkward position
    crop texture

    Perspective crop

    square crop

    Fixed 2n texture size (256,512,1024,2048 ...) in one click

    Browse subdivisions: Increase / decrease model or texture size in one click

    "save multiple" function to save different maps, different sizes and 3d models all at once

    Alpha transparency: Remove unwanted areas on your model using a black and white alpha map

    What you don't need to worry about :

    Don't need any kind of calibration of camera

    Don't need to manually select points before creating a 3d sculpt

    Don't need for a high end camera (minimum recomended : a 5 Mp point and shoot camera)

    File input / output :

    Accepts Jpg and Bmp files

    Saves maps as Jpg and Bmp files

    Save models as .obj (textured) and .stl (untextured) files

    What's new in version 1.01?

    Added full "save" and "export" options to the demo

    Corrected Error message in function “Open 3D model from depth map image..."

    Renamed function "Subtract local detail" for clarity (was called "add inverted local detail")

    Turned off mesh optimisation while seamless tileable mode is on to reduce memory usage errors

    Added splash screen image on demo (as for the release

    OS : Windows Seven 64 bit
    CPU : Core 2 Duo or newer
    Graphic Card: High end DirectX 9
    RAM: 3 Gb
    HD: 300 Mb of hard drive space
    Monitor: 1920x1200x32 bit

    Minimum System Requirements
    OS: Windows XP/SP2 32 bit
    CPU: Pentium 4
    Graphic Card: DirectX 9
    RAM: 1 Gb
    HD: 300 Mb
    Monitor: 800x600x16 bit


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