برنامج تصميم الدرج Boole & Partners StairDesigner Pro-PP v7.12

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  • موقوف
    • Nov 2018
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    برنامج تصميم الدرج Boole & Partners StairDesigner Pro-PP v7.12

    StairDesigner is a polyvalent straight, helicoidal, and balanced stair design software, used in the wood, marble, stone, and metal industries. StairDesigner allows a quick stairway parameters entry. Its Help and Control Function checks the Riser Height, Tread Length, and Stair Rule parameters (Blondel’s law), and helps reaching the stair compliance. StairDesigner is based on the Boole & Partners exclusive Global Balancing Function, which summarizes major balancing theories, and calculates «S-shaped» stairs, cut-off corners stairs, English styled stairs, and rounded stairs, and also optimizes concrete stairs coverage (StairDesigner-Pro_RB). StairDesigner calculates all the stair components : steps, risers, stringboards, racks, straws, poles, handrails and banisters, which may be printed, plotted in a scale 1/1 (jigs), or exported in DXF format.

    Inside with keygen U can generate keys for this version:
    1. Architect version
    2. Standart version
    3. Professional version
    4. PRO-DXF version
    5. PRO-PP version

  • الوسـام الماسـي
    • Feb 2019
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    جزاك الله كل خير
  • عضو نشيط
    • Oct 2018
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    جزاك الله خيرا
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  • عضو مُشارك
    • Oct 2018
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    The link is invalid "The file you requested has been blocked for a violation of ..."
    Is it possible to upload it to the prtal server.

    Also i think is useful the StairDesigner-Pro_RB (concrete coverage) version.
    Anyone have it ?

    Thank you in advance