برنامج لتصميم الدرج الحلزوني - SPIRAL STAIR

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    The R/C Spiral Stairs software can be used for design and analysis of reinforced concrete spiral stairs. All internal actions, including the bending moments about both axes, torsion, shear and the axial load are evaluated. The results are provided in several points along the span. All internal actions are considered in the design of the longitudinal and shear steel. The analysis is based on Finite Element Method, implementing a high order Shell element.

    Key Features:

    -Bi-axial bending, shear and torsion
    -Self weight automatically included
    -Design of longitudinal steel for bending in Mx, My and torsion
    -Design of stirrups for shear and torsion
    -Follows AS 3600
    -One page detailed report:

    Analysis and Strength Design of R/C Spiral Stairs, AS3600
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