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    IES VisualShearWall v1.0.8.0

    VisualShearWall will help you design complex and irregular shear wall systems. It automates much of the work involved in finite element modeling (FEM) that could be tedious in a general tool like VisualAnalysis. VisualShearWall will generate the model details while you specify the big-picture configuration of your structure. The software will analyze multiple load combinations applied to your structure to determine shear wall and diaphragm forces.

    Both "rigid" and "flexible" diaphragm models are available, but the analysis is much more advanced than traditional methods as out-of-plane effects are also accounted for. VisualShearWall models a one-floor "slice" of a structure for each project file. Multi-story buildings can be easily modeled starting at the top level of the structure and iteratively creating a new project file for each of the lower levels. VisualShearWall will automatically apply upper level shear wall reactions to lower level models to save you the bookkeeping hassle.



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