Bentley ProSteel V8i for AutoCAD 2004-2009

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    Bentley ProSteel V8i for AutoCAD 2004-2009 v19.11.08

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    Bentley’s ProSteel v18 is a 3D modeling environment for structural steel and metal work supporting your construction and planning tasks. Working on the AutoCAD platform, you get an intuitive and integrated multi-material modeler perfectly suited to layout complex structures, produce shop drawings, assemble all your connections and manage your bill of materials. Compatibility with MicroStation.

    From initial planning and design to assembly, ProSteel is a comprehensive software built by engineers experienced with steel design. Our many years of experience in the field of AutoCAD development and the close contact with our users has contributed to ProSteel becoming an internationally recognized and important application for 3D structural steel and metal work.

    Profit from the 3D tools, the structural objects, the parts list and the 2D workshop drawings.

    ProSteel provides an array of easy-to-master tools to create and modify structural steel objects. It also includes a number of routines to automatically complete tasks – such as the creation of standard connections, shop and overview drawings, parts lists, and NC data – that would normally consume a great deal of the designer’s time.

    At the same time, the interoperability of ProSteel allows it to integrate seamlessly with other facets of the engineering design chain, including structural analysis and design (such as STAAD and RAM) and plant design (AutoPLANT). This helps AEC firms streamline their workflows, enhance collaboration, and maximize productivity, leading to a significant return on their investment in this innovative software.


    ProSteel 3D has more than 300 national and international shape tables with more than 20,000 shapes. End plate, Base plate, Web angle, Shear plate, Splice joint, Haunch, Stiffener, Purlin connections and so forth – any connection is easy to create and to adapt.


    Workshop drawings views, erection drawings, parts lists or NC-data can be created in a short amount of time. With interfaces to ERP-Systems, the machine control and workshop preparation can be optimized.


    Individual, arbitrarily complex connections - or whole constructions - can be realized by the COM interface easily. Specific customer's requests can be provided quickly.

    mORE INFO:


    1- قـــم بفك ضغــط المجمــوعة
    2 - احــرق البرنامج على اسطوانة على شكل صورة
    3 - ابــدأ بتسطيب البرنـــامج من على الأسطـــوانة
    4- ضــع الكــراك تبعــا للبيانات الواردة فى ملف النوت باد


    و فى النهـــــــاية لا تنسـونــــــــــــــــا

    فى دعــــــــــــــاءكــــــــــــــــــــــــم


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