Fluent v6.3.26

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  • vb
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    • Sep 2018
    • 1355

    In FLUENT 6.3, a pressure-based coupled solver joins the existing solver options. This new solver can improve solution efficiency as well as convergence and robustness for many cases. With this solver scheme, the pressure and velocity equations are solved in a fully coupled manner, while the other equations are solved sequentially. It is particularly beneficial for “stiff” problems and for solving problems on unusually skewed and stretched meshes.

    In addition to this new solver, the existing solvers have been enhanced to offer improved robustness, accuracy, and efficiency. For example, strong shocks can now be captured more effectively with the density-based solver, and transient simulations can be run more efficiently with the pressure-based solver. Additionally, a new diagnostic case check algorithm can be used to assess case settings and offer recommendations to ensure that commonly accepted best practices are being used.



  • مشرف القسم الهندسي
    • Nov 2018
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