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    JewelCAD 5.0

    JewelCAD Software

    The jewelry industry is at an exciting crossroad. Jewelry designers have been using similar techniques and technologies for thousands of years. Now they are being influenced by an industry that didn't even JewelCAD exist a decade or so ago--Computer Aided Design. Everyday, everywhere, Computer Aided Design (CAD) is making its increasing presence felt in jewelry design. When CAD is combined with rapid prototyping technology such as that of the T612 Benchtop or T66 Benchtop, individual designers are able to dramatically increase their productivity, without compromising their artistic integrity or the quality of their designs.

    JewelCAD™ is a CAD program that offers an easy-to-use interface for jewelry designers who may not be familiar with or comfortable working on a computer. JewelCAD automatically addresses the details that other CAD programs require the designer to input, allowing the designer the freedom to JewelCAD concentrate on creating his or her artwork. Furthermore, JewelCAD is also optimized for jewelry design, offering features that allow the designer to easily create stones and settings of any shape or size.

    Featuring a library of basic settings and components, designers can replace or add custom pieces. This allows a design theme to be carried throughout an entire line of jewelry from earrings to pendants to bracelets. When a client returns years later with a damaged piece, exact components for the design can be easily created within minutes.

    Taking advantage of the benefits of JewelCAD and the T612 Benchtop or T66 Benchtop does not mean eliminating the designer. It means having a new set of tools that enhances the designer's ability to produce designs that reflect individual style. Mistakes that could possibly destroy hours-or even days-of work can now JewelCAD be undone with just a click of a button. If a pattern is damaged during the casting process, an exact copy can be recreated by simply opening the file. And when dealing with those tough-to-satisfy clients, just print pictures of possible designs, have the client review them and select the one they prefer.

    In this new millenium where technology is infiltrating every industry and bringing with it methods of accomplishing tasks only dreamed about just a few years ago, jewelers are to adapting to the rapid changes happening all around them and embracing the technology designed to assist them - that of JewelCAD and the T612 Benchtop or T66 Benchtop.

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