GOCAD Suite 2.0.8

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  • vb
    عضو جديد
    • Sep 2018
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    GOCAD Suite 2.0.8

    Paradigm is pleased to announce the release of four new plug-ins in Paradigm GOCAD Suite Version 2.0.8.
    Advanced Structural Analysis, 2D and 3D Restoration workflows (Kine3D-2 and Kine3D-3) are now available. Joining forces, Paradigm and IFP have developed a unique restoration tool that complements our Geologic Interpretation package.
    Finite element Mesh Constructor has been developed to build tetrahedral meshes that can be used in 3D restoration or any process running a finite element analysis tool.
    Finally, we are pleased to announce the official release of our High Performance Reservoir Risk Assessment tool (Jacta Cluster) allowing Jacta runs to be parallelized, therefore decreasing the amount of time for reservoir uncertainty assessment scenarios to be computed.



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    • Nov 2018
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    الله يجزاك الخير
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    • Dec 2018
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    Do you guys have anything to learn this software