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    • Nov 2018
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    Now design your entire concrete floor or foundation system using the latest innovations in 3D FEM analysis - intuitive design workflows, user friendly interface, cutting edge and flexible modeling capabilities, faster and more efficient than ever - without compromising your high engineering standards.

    ADAPT-Builder ExpressTM Concrete Design Suite

    Designs conventionally reinforced, post-tensioned or hybrid slabs
    Seamless integration with ADAPT-PT and RC
    Complete integration with Staad.Pro and ETABS
    Advanced importing and conversion of DWG files
    Suite includes ADAPT-Modeler, Floor Pro, MAT, and SOG
    Single intuitive interface for modeling, analysis and design
    Unparalleled modeling capabilities
    Comprehensive and concise documentation and verification

    Efficient Design Workflows Lead to Better Designs

    Automatic design strip generation and design
    Pattern loading with automatic live load reduction
    New and updated codes

    True 3D FEM Analysis for More Reliable Results

    Accurate Automatic FEM meshing
    Lateral load design module
    Explicit FEM modeling of all structural components

    Dynamic Rebar Design (DRD)TM

    for Complete Control of Rebar Design & Layout

    Design accounts for user defined reinforcement
    Easy and interactive manipulation of required reinforcement
    Fully integrated punching shear reinforcement design
    Automated generation of rebar drawings

    Dynamic Tendon Modeling (DTM)TM

    for Faster P/T Designs

    Interactive modeling of tendons in plan and elevation
    Automatic tendon interference checking
    Automatic generation of post-tensioning drawings

    P/T Shop Drawing Module for Automated Detailing

    Automatic calculation of chair height and location
    Automatic reporting of tendon elongation and losses
    Detailing of tendon profiles

    Clients with Support and Maintenance Contracts
    An ADAPT representative will contact clients under current support and maintenance contracts to arrange for their upgrade to ADAPT-Builder EX.

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