PCA-Column v3.64

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    • Sep 2018
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    pcaColumn is a software program for the design and investigation of reinforced concrete sections subject to axial and flexural loads. The section can be rectangular, round or irregular, with any reinforcement layout or pattern. Slenderness effects can be considered. The program offers investigation of irregularly shaped, reinforced concrete column sections that may contain openings or boundary elements. Widely used for design of shear walls, bridge piers as well as typical framing elements in buildings, pcaColumn can investigate sections that are impossible to find on design charts or do by hand calculations. You can obtain the P-M interaction diagrams from both uniaxial and biaxial runs, as well as the Mx-My moment contour plots from biaxial runs for even the most irregular column and shearwall sections. Slenderness effects producing magnified moments may be included in the investigation



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