Tecplot 360 EX 2019 R1 Build 2019.1.0.98642

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    • Nov 2018
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    Tecplot 360 EX 2019 R1 Build 2019.1.0.98642

    Scientists and Engineers who are looking to cut time in understanding computational fluid dynamic (CFD) results look to Tecplot 360, a visual data analysis tool that improves productivity with integrated XY, 2D and 3D plotting. It’s fast, easy to use, memory efficient and produces visually powerful output to help you communicate your results to others.
    Tecplot 360 2018 includes extended capability
    Design space exploration with Chorus.
    Workflow automation with our Python API PyTecplot.
    Remote data access with SZL Server.

    Analyze Complex Results
    Load your data with support for 27 CFD, FEA, structural analysis, and industry-standard data formats.
    Unique multi-frame environment with multiple pages for reporting and comparing solutions.
    Understand XY, Polar, 2D and 3D plots using unique linking capabilities.
    Animate and step through transient solutions with video player-style controls like forward, backward, loop, bounce, and throttle control.
    Explore with interactive slicing, iso-surface, and streamtrace tools.
    Automatically extract key flow features such as vortex cores, shock surfaces.
    Explore Billion Cell Models with SZL Technology

    Leverage multi-core desktop systems with multi-threaded capability.
    Dramatic performance improvements for large finite-element data:
    Load times up to 23 times faster.
    Peak memory usage reduced up to 93%.
    Files sizes compressed up to 70%.
    Analyze large finite-element data sets quickly and easily on a typical engineering laptop.
    Verify Engineering Designs

    x64 Bit System

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