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    SoftPerfect Connection Emulator Pro 1.7.11

    SoftPerfect Connection Emulator (SCE) هو محاكي بيئة WAN لمطوري تطبيقات الشبكات ومسؤولي النظام ومهندسي الشبكات. يحتاج مطورو البرامج الذين يقومون بإنشاء تطبيقات تدعم الشبكة ، خاصة تلك التي تتسم بأهمية بالغة للوقت مثل برامج VoIP أو بروتوكولات الوقت الفعلي ، إلى اختبار منتجاتهم بشكل شامل في مجموعة من البيئات. تعمل معظم التطبيقات جيدًا على اتصالات النطاق العريض ، ولكن ماذا لو كان سيتم استخدام التطبيق الخاص بك أيضًا على روابط اتصالات منخفضة السرعة مثل GPRS أو Satellite؟

    SoftPerfect Connection Emulator (SCE) is a WAN environment emulator for network application developers, system administrators and network engineers. Software developers creating network-enabled applications, especially time-critical ones like VoIP software or real time protocols, need to thoroughly test their products in a range of environments. Most applications work well on broadband connections, but what if your application will also be used on low-speed communication links such as GPRS or Satellite?

    This is where SCE comes in handy. It imitates a network connection with low bandwidth limits, latency and losses. With SCE you can test how well your application performs on slow or long-distance connections to ensure the quality of your software product. SCE runs on any PC with Windows XP or higher, allowing you to selectively apply bandwidth limits, introduce random or fixed delays on data flows, and simulate packet loss to mimic a low-grade communication channel.

    SoftPerfect Connection Emulator is available as an unlimited duration trial, however maximum simulation session is limited to 30 seconds. Purchasing a licence will remove this limitation and allow running lengthy simulations.

    Key features
    Runs on any PC with Windows XP or higher (32-bit or 64-bit).
    Restricts connection speed.
    Imitates fixed or variable latency.
    Simulates individual and sequential packet loss, corruption, duplication and reordering.
    Displays live packet simulation chart.
    Supports multiple simulation profiles.

    Supported platforms
    Windows XP through Windows 10, Windows Server 2003 through 2016


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