Process Capability Analysis: Estimating Quality

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    • Sep 2018
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    Neil W. Polhemus - Process Capability Analysis: Estimating Quality

    Process Capability Analysis: Estimating Quality presents a systematic exploration of process capability analysis and how it may be used to estimate quality. The book is designed for practitioners who are tasked with insuring a high level of quality for the products and services offered by their organizations. Along with describing the necessary statistical theory, the book illustrates the practical application of the techniques to data that do not always satisfy the standard assumptions. The first two chapters deal with attribute data, where the estimation of quality is restricted to counts of nonconformities. Both classical and Bayesian methods are discussed. The rest of the book deals with variable data, including extensive discussions of both capability indices and statistical tolerance limits. Considerable emphasis is placed on methods for handling non-normal data. Also included are discussions of topics often omitted in discussions of process capability, including multivariate capability indices, multivariate tolerance limits, and capability control charts. A separate chapter deals with the problem of determining adequate sample sizes for estimating process capability.

    + docs & webinars
    CRC Press, 2018
    pdf, 285 pages, english
    ISBN: 978-1-138-03015-2


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    • Feb 2019
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