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    BMW Update USB Road Map Europe Motion EAST 2019-2

    A navigation system is only as good as its map material. Each
    year, for instance, the road layouts in Europe change by as much
    as 15%: new residential and industrial areas are built, motorways
    get new exits and intersections, petrol stations, hotels and
    other points of interest come and go. All this means that smooth
    navigation and reaching your goal effectively, along with optimal
    use of traffic warning functions, can only be guaranteed when the
    map material is absolutely up to date

    For vehicles with Business Navigation system (option 606):
    BMW 5 Series Saloon to 09/10, 5 Series Saloon from 04/11 to 11/11
    5 Series Touring from 04/11 to 11/11, 5 Series Gran Turismo to

    Languages (voice and information):

    German - English - French - Italian - Dutch - Portuguese - Spanish


    Copy pkgdb folder and config.nfm to the root Folder of the 8GB
    USB Stick