Gumroad – How to Sculpt the Hand

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  • Come learn to sculpt a stylized hand!
    In this course you will get nearly 3 hours of instructed video content that will help you improve your designed characters and also improve ease! I will be teaching key design principles to help you create a solid Base Mesh that can then be translated into any style of hand.
    I will cover the differences between a male and female hand as we sculpt them individually, and as a BONUS! I’ve also included how to sculpt an old/evil hand.
    This tutorial is broken up into several short videos to increase learning and gives you more flexibility to learn at your own pace.
    Included in the course you will receive:
    -All ZBrush Files (meant to be used as a guide)
    -17 Videos (178 mins total)
    -English Subtitles
    -New Updated UI for ZBrush 4r8
    -All Brushes used
    -Hotkey settings
    -The love of Redbeard
    This course is meant to break down the mystery of sculpting the hand whether you are a beginner or an advanced ZBrush user, and amp up your character designs.
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