Wyler CHART / DYNAM v1.6.6.106

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    • Sep 2018
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    WYLER AG is the leading manufacturer of precision spirit levels, Clinometers, electronic inclination measuring instruments, inclination measuring sensors and software for inclination measurement.

    wylerCHART is an easy-to-use software package for displaying the measurement values of WYLER inclination measuring instruments and sensors. The measuring results can continuously be transferred into a csv file for further treatment, e.g. in EXCEL. Up to 10 WYLER inclination measuring instruments or sensors can simultaneously be read into wylerCHART. In addition, users can choose to display the difference of the measuring values between any pair of inclination measuring instruments or sensors.

    wylerDYNAM is used for evaluating and graphically representing the inclination of moving and static objects. Using the wylerDYNAM software, the measurement results of ZEROTRONIC sensors, Clinotronic PLUS measuring devices, and the BlueSYSTEM family of devices can be scanned. wylerDYNAM recognizes the desired measurement readings of the connected measuring devices, and supports their analysis. The assignment of measured values to the measurement instruments is done by its serial number. Any measured values can be calculated with each other and displayed in various forms or forwarded. The results can be: displayed in numerical and graphical form cached; transferred; saved; printed; without any programming knowledge and is completed quickly and easily. wylerDYNAM enables the simple collection of periodic measurements for longterm monitoring of objects. With its very well structured user interface, its integrated tutorial, and its online guide, wylerDYNAM ensures an easy start for users of every ability

    Wyler CHART / DYNAM v1.6.6.106