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    DHI-WASY FEFLOW v7.0.10.15489

    DHI-WASY FEFLOW v7.0.10.15489

    FEFLOW (Finite Element subsurface FLOW system) - software for hydrogeological modeling: the movement of groundwater transport of impurities and heat in the earth FEFLOW allows the calculation of the hydrogeological conditions, to predict and control:

    the behavior of groundwater in different areas, as well as in the construction of buildings and structures (tunnels)
    mine water
    salt water intrusion into aquifers
    seepage dams
    different land uses and possible climate change scenarios
    restoration and the natural depletion of groundwater
    geothermal energy (deep and superficial layers of the earth both open and closed systems)
    interaction of groundwater and surface water

    FEFLOW (Finite Element subsurface FLOW system) is suitable for numerous different applications in flow and transport processes simulation in porous media, ranging from lab scale to continental scale A few typical examples are listed here:

    Study of pollutant dispersion
    Evaluate remediation and decontamination strategies
    Study of groundwater drawdown and rise in mining area
    Mine dewatering studies
    Survey of saltwater intrusion
    Isotope calculation for detection of groundwater age
    Design of geothermal power plants (HDR, heat pump systems)
    Coupled groundwater / surface water simulation via online linking with Mike11 (by DHI) and Hydro_AS-2D (by M Nujic)
    Geotechnical applications (tunnel construction, construction site dewatering)
    Calculation of dam seepage
    Soil-column calculations
    Infiltration calculation
    Assessment of availability of groundwater resources
    Estimation and control of strategies for groundwater management
    Design of well-head protection zones
    Studies for environmental impact assessments
    Design of groundwater monitoring programs
    Applications in research




    Feflowv 6.1.6106 x64 en Compact

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          can u share link for version 6

            Originally posted by ambekrishna *
            can u share link for version 6
            Link for installation Feflow 6.1

              thank you I am not able to extract the patch files from DHI 7 version one feflow.dll file not exctrating any help please

                it is showing demo installlation after I replace the .dll crack file also, please help i need this software urgent



                    please hlep brother