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1000 مشروع دوت نت جاهز في جميع المجالات 1000 Vb.net Project

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    حزمة مشاريع جاهزة 1000 مشروع vb.net

    أكثر من 1000 برمجة في فيجوال Basic.NET لمعظم الموضوعات VB.NET.

    هذه المشاريع هي في جميع المجالات، مثل تصميم واجهة الرسم، وقواعد البيانات، وبناء الالعاب، والتطبيقات، وبرامج الشبكات، وصلات الإنترنت، وأكثر من ذلك.

    Vb.net Project

    Encryption_Decryption with .NET' Modified (Frank Fangs' Code) CCW and VB
    2D Collision Detection System
    47 Useful Windows Vista Command-Line Utilities
    A 's tracker cleaner
    A .NET Snap To Screen Form
    A basic review on making a VB.NET Class Library using Visual Studio 2005
    A Beginner's Guide to Delegates
    A class to parse graphical fonts
    A class to put a ProgressBar or any control into a StatusBar
    A Clock Game
    A Complete Read Only ComboBox
    A fast and performing gauge, now in a dll for vb users
    A First Look to VB.NET Express
    A Full Yahoo! Weather App, Yes Another One
    A Generic Data Access Component using Factory Pattern in VB.NET
    A Guide to using MSChart for .NET
    A guide to using Paneled Forms, Multi-Splash Screens, SQL Express, and many more in Windows Application Development
    A lightweight SQL wrapera
    A look at using IE in visual studio.net 2003 with Visual Basic.NET
    A Math Expression Evaluator
    A multipurpose scientific calculator
    A Never-ending ProgressBar
    A Process viewer with alert notification
    A quick program that will zip source code files
    A Screen Capture Utility
    A Self-validating Textbox
    A simple .NET Profiler
    A Simple Blog using a Quick and Easy Saveable Object Class, JSON, and LINQ
    A Simple Data Manager Class
    A Simple Example of RSS Feed Reader
    A simple file system for create, read, write, delete and show properties of a text file
    A Simple Program for Status Bar Notification using Whidbey
    A simple Remoting HelloWorld
    A simple VB.NET stress utility for SQL Server 2000
    A Smooth Snake Game
    A Study of Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility for Automated Measuring Systems using VB.NET
    A Synoptic Analysis Of Multi Socket Programming-The Client
    A Tab Control Similar to that of Internet Explorer 7
    A Utility for BugZilla Users to Import Bugs from Excel File
    A VB.NET class useful for basic linear algebra
    A very simple magnifying glass
    A Video Converter in Visual Basic .NET
    A Visual Studio 2005-like Interface
    A Visually Inheritable Unbound Dataform
    About... The About Box
    Access multiple icons in a single icon file
    Accessing AS400 Business Logic From .NET Applications
    Accessing Remote Exchange Server To read_delete mails using WEBDAV
    Accessing WebCam in Visual Basic 6
    Add Custom Event to a Class in VB.NET
    Add Custom Properties to a PropertyGrid
    Add multimedia effect to system clock
    Add Transparent Menus and XP Titlebar Buttons to your application
    Adding custom skins for Forms in VB.Net
    Adding Drag and Drop to an Explorer Tree Control
    Adding Lightbox Effect to Winform Applications
    ADO Relate 2 tables by more then one field
    Advance Textbox Web Component
    AJAX web scraping and interaction with digg
    Alaram-WakeUp Call
    Alter SQLServer 2005 Most Recent List
    An All VB.NET Explorer Tree Control with ImageList Management
    An easy Folder synchronisation application and Source code in VB6
    An Easy Way to Resize an Image
    An expression evaluator written in VB.NET
    An Extension Method for Converting a BitmapImage into a System.Byte with VB 2008
    An N-tier Application using MSHTML in the front end
    Android-Style (Toast) Notification for .NET
    Animation Sample
    API Call Sample
    Application Auto Update in VB.NET
    Application Auto Update Revisited
    Application dashboard for tracking .NET application performance
    Application Event Handler for WinForms
    Application settings in VB.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005
    Array Sample
    ArrayList to File
    Article 1 - Dynamic creation of an SQL Server database, tables and stored procedure through Whidbey (or VB.NET)
    Article 2 - Dynamic creation of a SQL Server database, tables and stored procedure through Whidbey (or VB.NET)
    As400 and MS Sql Server Connection Libary
    Asynchronous Named Pipes (Overlapped IO) with VB.NET
    Asynchronous processing of functions and webservice calls
    AsyncWorker - A Typesafe BackgroundWorker (and about Threading in General)
    Authoring Visual Studio Debugger Visualizers
    Automate code-writing in VB.NET control's development
    Automate Photoshop
    Automated Desktop Background Changer
    Automated Object Schema Migration
    Automatic Online Update Toolkit
    Automatically documenting web site projects created in VB with Sandcastle
    Automating the Deployment of an Office InfoPath Form Templates
    Aviation Fight
    Backing up MS Outlook emails along with Meta-data
    Base64 Decoder and Encoder
    Basics of a Falling Blocks Game in VB.NET 2005
    Bending .NET PropertyGrid to your will with a Custom Type Editor
    BetaBrite LED Sign API
    Binding a ListView to a TreeView
    Bitsup - Server Upload Utility Using BITS
    Build a Simple Watermarking Utility in Visual Basic 2005
    Build Simple Network Browser
    Build Your Own Visual Studio An Application Framework for Editing Objects at Runtime
    Building a Simple Word Processor Around an Extended RichTextBox Control
    Building a UDP Client_Server application in VB.NET
    Building an N-Tier Application in VB.NET, in 8 Steps
    Building Reusable Components in .NET
    Business object property validation
    ByPass difficult Automation and add applications 'as is' in your .NET application
    C# .NET Web Developer's Guide
    Calculate Financial days between dates
    Calculator - A desktop utility
    Calendar Function
    Capture Entire Web Page
    Cartoonizer - Convert Photos into Cartoon Like Images
    Cascading Deletes in LINQ to SQL with Visual Basic
    Change Crystal Report Connection at Runtime in Visual studio 2005
    Changing application-scoped settings at run time
    Chatting Application Using DotNet
    Child's Learning Center - Pre-schoolers 3 to 5 Years of Age
    Class to handle complex numbers natively
    ClickOnce Sample
    Clipboard Sample
    Close Your Application to the Notification Area
    CNC Graphical Backplotter
    COM port made simple with VB.NET
    COM Port Sample
    ComboBox Databinding Sample
    Compile VB.NET code without Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll
    Compiling .NET code on-the-fly
    Complex class - Working with complex numbers
    Configuring Exceptions Using Web.config
    Console Application Sample
    Console Line Editor in VB.NET 2.0
    Consuming a Web Service Sample
    Consuming ASMX and WCF Services Sample
    Context-Enabled Form Sample
    Control Arrays in VB.NET
    Controlling scrolling with the API
    Convert Enums to DataTables
    Convert Image File to Bytes and Back
    Convert numbers to words in English and Asian format
    Convert RSView32 Datalog DBF File to CVS File Format
    Convert System.Type to SqlDbType
    Converting a VB6 gdiplus project to .net
    Converting DTOs (-) BOs using an Adapter
    Cool Scrollbar - Scrollbar like Windows Media Player's
    Copy binary folder files
    Copy from FTP server to local Server through VB.Net
    Counting the Days to Retirement with 'Retirement Countdown'
    Create a Breadcrumb Menu in VB.NET WinForms
    Create a Custom Settings Provider to Share Settings Between Applications
    Create a System Tray Application in VB.NET
    Create a unique and reproducable user id without the use of SSN
    Create Bulk or Mass Folders using Names from Excel Spreadsheet with Visual Basic.NET
    Create your Own Runtime Movable Windows Forms Controls
    Creating a Custom Settings Provider
    Creating a Sudoku game
    Creating CSV from SQL Database table attaching it to MS word as datasource and then creating mailmerge document
    Creating Single and Limited Instance Applications
    Creating Windows Rounded Rectangular and Circular Forms
    Creating your own event handler for the TFS Event Handler Service
    Cryptography with symmetric key using bitmaps
    Crystal Reports To PDF converter Without Crystal Report Viewer
    Crystal Reports
    Currency Input in VB.NET
    Custom Application Auto Update
    Custom Configuration Sections in .NET 2.0
    Custom Data Controls Sample
    Custom Drawing User Control Sample
    Custom Exceptions Sample
    Custom XML file(s) named from a database fields
    Data Classification Using VB.NET and Genetic Algorithm
    Data Search Sample [git.ir]
    Data Structures
    Data Validation Sample
    Database Creation Sample
    DataGridView with Detail Edit Form - VS 2005
    DataRepeater Control Sample
    DateTime and TimeSpan Sample
    Daytime, Internet Time Service Class
    DBdoc automated CHM documentation for a SQL Server 2000 database
    Decrypting Images in VB.NET
    Delegates in VB.NET
    Delegates in Visual BasicNET
    Demonstration of opacity and transparency key for making non rectangular forms
    Design Patterns using VB.NET
    Desktop Cleaner
    Detecting Windows_Workstation Locked _ Unlocked in .NET
    Developing Windows Services using Visual Studio .NET Explained - Part 1
    Developing Windows Services using Visual Studio .NET Explained - Part 2
    Dialog Components Sample
    DirectCast vs. CType
    Disk Size Explorer
    Document conversion with OpenOffice
    Download Manager for Application Updates
    Downloading Files in .NET With All Information Progressbar, Download Speed, Supports Cancel and Resume
    Drag and Drop on a Web Form
    Drag and Drop on a Windows Form
    Drag-and-Drop Sample
    Drawing a Line Graph in GDI+
    Drawing Attributes Sample
    Drawing Round-Edged Rectangle Using VB.NET
    Drop-Down Calculator
    DTS (VB.NET)
    Dynamic Control Creation Sample
    Dynamic Creation of DTS-packages in VB
    Dynamic Creation Of MenuStrip - VB.NET
    Dynamic Enumerations from Database Tables
    Dynamic Events in VB.NET
    Dynamic Objects, Factories, and Runtime Machines to Boost Performance
    Dynamic Query Sample (Visual Basic)
    Dynamic User Settings
    Dynamically changing the color's of control's on a form
    Easily Send E-mail in VB.net
    Easy Drag And Drop of Controls at Run-time
    Editing multi frame .Tiff file
    Editing Multiple Types of Objects with Collection Editor and Serializing Objects
    Editing virtual directories on multiple IIS sites and servers
    Eight Queens Problem using VB.NET
    Elongated Buttons, Rounded cornered Groupboxes and Labels of Trapeziums Shaped
    Email and SMS Sending Through VB.NET for Free
    Embed a Progressbar in your Statusbar
    Embedding Icons In Your VB.NET Application
    Enabling Gestures Sample
    Entity Framework and Crystal Reports - Entities to Datasets
    Equivalent of CopyMemory in .NET
    Error and Event Logging in VB.NET
    Event Log Sample
    Example usage of the new Visual Studio 2005 My.Settings object
    Excel Connectivity in VB.NET
    Excel Data Manipulation Using VB.NET
    Excel Sample
    Exception-Handling Sample
    Explorer-Style Application Sample
    Exploring general functions of the Marshal class
    Export to Excel using VB.Net
    Exposing COM interfaces of a .NET class library for Late Binding
    Expression Tree Visualizer Sample (Visual Basic)
    Extended Error Provider
    Extending the axWebbrowser control events
    Extending the My namespace
    Extension Methods in VB.NET
    Extracting and displaying icons with VB.NET
    Extracting EMail Addresses From a Document or String
    Fast Algorithm for Building the Hasse Diagram of a Galois Lattice
    Fastest method for exporting large volume of data to Excel in VB .net
    File Association in VB.NET
    File moving_copying source folfer to destination folder
    File System Sample
    File Type Creator
    File2SB - StringBuilder generator
    FileTransfer Library in VB.NET
    Fill a Tree
    Find an Element in a SQL Server Database
    Find And Replace Method For RichTextBox
    Find Stored Procedures called within a procedure
    Finding a Font file from a Font name (VB.Net version)
    Fourth mouse button
    Free Delete (Shred)
    Free Web _ Browser Based Active Directory Phonebook
    Fullscreen the form in VB.NET using a class
    Function Another_C# _Versus_VB_Article(Byval Verdict as Boolean ) As Boolean
    Function for clear null and set default value in DataTable
    Game Sample
    GDI+ Brushes Sample
    GDI+ Images Sample
    GDI+ Pen Sample[git.ir]
    GDI+ Text Sample
    Generate a Crystal Reports report without a database
    Generate a Random String Key in VB.NET
    Generate SQL Select, Insert, Update and Delete
    Generic List(Of) to DataSet Three Approaches
    Generics Sample
    Georeferencing Open Street Map Tiles to Use with MapWinGIS
    Get a reference to a winform control from its' string name
    Get colors in your VB.NET console application
    Get Database Server Date and Time
    Get Emails From Address Book Using Outlook Object
    Get File Attributes in VBNET
    Get HTML Source from User Defined Web Address
    Get Tables and Fields in Crystal Rport Using Code
    Get the registry keys recursively
    Get the Values From DataBase and Stored into excell Sheet
    Getting Current Browser URL with VB.NET
    Getting Started with VB.NET's Microsoft Outlook Standard Plugin Creator
    Getting Zip+4 from USPS.com
    Global events for your application
    GN Wizard Framework
    Handy .NET Macro
    Handy ASP.NET Email Control
    Having fun with word and Visual basic .Net
    Help Files Sample
    Hiding the Crystal Report Viewer's Statusbar
    Home-Made XP Panel
    Hotel Reservation System
    How do we speed up our VB.NET Web application
    How The Raw Data is Printed
    How to add selection controls to your DataGrid
    How to build a breakout style game with animation and sound
    How to create a fading form
    How to Create a Joke Jukebox in Visual Basic 6.0
    How to create a reusable custom Project Template for VS.NET 2005
    How to create a transparent control in VB 2008
    How to create an automatic Wallpaper Changer with Visual Basic 6.0
    How to detect a left mouse click on a Winform titlebar
    How to Download a File from a WebDAV Server in VB.NET
    How to implement an incremental search using a grid column (UltraWinGrid)
    How to implement Windows XP style balloon tooltip using API in VB
    How to Load Windows Form From Data Base
    How to lock keyboard and mouse on XP
    How to make content of RichTextBox unselectable
    How to make sure your TextBox entries are valid
    How to pass discrete parameters to Crystal Reports
    How to persist changes to My.Settings.ConnectionString
    How to Print Data from Datagrid with All Pages (from Paging) in Silverlight with VB.NET
    How to Print Invoice using VB.NET
    How to Program for Windows Registry
    How to Read an EBCDIC File in VB.NET
    How to retrieve, add, modify, and delete Oracle Data with a DataGrid
    How to Secure Your Application with Matching Processor Id Complete [the DLL source code]
    How to Upload a File to a WebDAV Server in VB.NET
    How to Use Log4Net with VB.NET - A Simple Step-By-Step Guide
    How to use Reflection to test your code
    How To Validate Credit Card Numbers
    How to validate text boxes simply
    HTML Parsing using .NET Framework
    HTML to Database converter Application
    Icon Extractor in VB.NET
    Image Batch Resizer
    Image in Crystal Reports
    Image Processing
    Image Viewer User Control with Preview Capability
    Immoveable Form
    Implementation of IEnumerable(of T) & IEnumerator(Of T) in VB.NET
    Implementing Digital Signing in .NET
    Important Features of .Net
    Ink-Enabled Text Box Sample
    Insert, Update, Delete & Search Values in MS Access 2003 with VB.NET 2005
    Install a Windows service the way YOU want to!
    Intercepting ENTER and ESC keys in custom, drop-down UITypeEditors
    Interpolation of BezierSplines and Cubic Splines
    Introduction to LINQ to XML Sample (Visual Basic)
    Introduction to TreeView Drag and Drop (VB.NET)
    Invoke COM Components from Visual BasicNET-Demo
    Is it really Numeric
    I_O Ports Programming (Parallel port) Reading _ Writing + Surveillance System using VB.NET
    Key Press Decoder
    Killing Processes from a Visual Basic Application
    Label with ProgressBar [in a StatusStrip]
    Layering Windows Application in .NET (WinForms) Part I
    Line and Shape Controls Sample
    LinksysLog A Very Basic Linksys Router Logging Client
    LINQ to TerraServer Provider Sample
    LINQ to XML Data Binding Sample (Visual Basic)
    List Of Values with Search Capability
    ListBox and ComboBox Sample
    ListBox Searching
    ListBox to TreeView Drag and Drop
    liteWait PowerPoint to HTML Converter
    Loading Line Control
    Loading settings from config file
    Local Data Sample
    Logging Sample[git.ir]
    LogViewer - A Simple Log Listening Utility
    Lotus Notes COM Class Wrapper for .NET
    Magic Graphics
    make a VB.Net toolbar for Internet explorer
    Making Google XML SiteMaps From Files
    Making TripleDES Simple in Visual Basic .NET
    Manage Data in a WinForms Application (without the Database)
    Manage your iTunes library with simple clicks!
    Managing configuration settings persistence in .NET applications
    Managing Dialup connection
    Managing Processes Sample
    Managing virtual directories on multiple IIS sites and servers
    Mantaining multiple CSS based on different color schemes
    Mapping with a GPS and VB.NET
    Marching Ants Revisited
    Marshal variable length array of structs from C to VB.NET
    Masked Edit Box in vb.net
    Math Maze
    Menus Sample
    MessageBox Translation Hook
    Microsoft Installer Database Reader
    Microsoft Reporting Services (Sub Reports, Charts, Parameters, Expression Editor, etc.)
    Money DataType
    Morse Code
    MP3 ID3v1 Editor
    MS Access Pass Variable Values From One Form to Another
    MS Access Databases Queries Editor
    MSDN style help for VB.NET projects using VBCommenter from Gotdotnet
    Multiplication Table Practice Tool
    Multithreading Backup Utility
    Multithreading in Visual BasicNET-Demo
    Multithreading Sample
    Multithreading with VB.NET - A beginner's choice
    My TextBox with Validate Option
    My.Power Extension (VSX)
    N-Tiered Programming with VB.NET Interfaces and Singletons
    Nested Element in Application Config File
    NET class to create and maintain vCalendar information
    NET class to create and maintain vCard information
    NET Command Line Tools
    NET component from a COM client
    NET Phone Communication Library Part IV - Receive SMS
    NET system wide hotkey component
    Net Win Forms Themes
    Net Wizard Control
    Netstat Example
    New AutoCAD Managed VB Project Application Wizard
    Non-recursive method to set every control on a form
    Normal Casing of an Upper Case Paragraph Using .NET Regular Expressions
    Notepad.NET - Creating a clone of notepad in Visual Basic
    NotifyIcon Sample
    NullSafe Functions Ensuring Safe Variables
    Numbers to Indian (Hindi) Words Conversion In Unicode
    Numeric TextBox
    Object - Collection - Binary File Using serialization and deserialization to work with binary files based on collections
    Object Binding Sample
    Object Dumper Sample (Visual Basic)
    Object Initialization Expressions and Anonymous Types in Visual Basic 9.0
    Object Oriented Programming In VB.NET
    Object Serialization
    Object-Oriented Programming Sample
    Observer Design Pattern for Windows Controls
    On Migrating a VB Project to VB.NET
    OPCWare DA Automation Wrapper - VB.NET
    Open Table Access to SAP R_3 with .NET
    Operating System Information
    OSInfo with UserInfo
    OwnerDrawn ComboBox with Icons, Divider, and a generic data store
    Page Removal and Re-Ordering in XPS Files
    Panel with blend and bordercolors
    Parsers and Interpreters
    Parsing XML file in VB.NET using DOM
    Password Keeper
    PDA _ Pocket PC Signature Capturing and Saving as BMP
    Pedrams Elite Keylogger
    Pen Eraser Sample
    Performance Counters Sample
    Personal Phone Numbers Rolodex, Using WinForms
    Phone Home An Approach to Software Activation
    PicSplitter - Dual Screen Wallpaper Utility
    PKCS Standards and .NET Framework
    Planning the form layout in VB.NET
    Play sound in VB.NET
    Playing around with System.Reflection.Assembly.LoadFrom
    Pocketwatch - VB
    Populating data from a CSV file to a DataGridView and Retriving data from a DataGridView to CSV
    Post XML data From VB application to ASP.NET Application
    Power Aware Sample
    PowerPoint Sample
    Presidential Memory
    Presto, Expando! Meet ExpandoBox
    Prevent 'cross-thread operation not allowed' exception through reflection
    PrintForm Sample
    Printing Sample
    Process Control Sample
    Program Executer Timer
    Programatically Creating MSMQ Triggers
    Programmatically Complete PDF Form Fields using Visual Basic and the iTextSharp DLL
    PropertyBag in VB .NET
    PT2000 Communication Utility
    Purpose is to demonstrate using xml as a file type database
    Q Queen Solution New- VB.NET
    Quietly run Microsoft's SyncToy
    QVFS - A FAT32 Based Virtual File System Powered by VB.NET 2005
    Raising API exceptions from Visual Basic .NET
    Read and Write Excel Files
    Reading and writing MP3 ID3v1 tags
    Reading from Parallel Port using Inpout32.dll
    Real time detection of medication interaction using VB.NET
    Real Time SynTax Colorizing
    Real Time syntax highlighting [wrapper class]
    Recursive function to read a directory structure
    Redis Tutorial Part II Using Redis as a Pub_Sub Medium
    Refactoring - elixir of youth for legacy VB code
    Reflector Sample (Visual Basic)
    Regex Tester
    Registry Clean Automation for Windows Service
    Regular Expressions Sample
    Remote Desktop Manager (MSTSCUI.NET)
    Remote Share
    Remote Shutdown in VB.NET 2003 and C#.NET 2008
    Resizable Controls at Runtime!
    Resize Images Stored in a SQL Database and Store Them Back into it
    Resources and Settings Sample
    Retrieve the Winamp song title with .NET
    Retrieve unread messages from Inbox
    Retrieving date and time from remote server using NetRemoteTOD in VB.NET
    Retrieving Logged In User Name using a Windows Service
    Rich OutlookBar in XP and Vista style
    RichTextBox Control with Find functionality
    RichTextLabel WinForms Control
    Round a number to a multiple of another number
    Row Paging Using Temporary View
    RSS Feed Link Reader
    RSS News Reader
    RSS Sample (Visual Basic)
    Running the Microsoft AppLocale Utility in an Automated Batch Script
    Sample Queries (Visual Basic)
    Save and Restore User Preferences
    Save settings in a configuration file - for Preferences_Options_Settings box
    Save your WinForms User Control Data to XML
    Saving and Retrieving Application Control Settings as a .confg file
    Saving and Retrieving Wav files from MSSQL, MSDE and MySQL databases
    Scheduling tasks with VB.NET as Windows services
    Screen Capture Class
    Screen Keyboard
    Screen Shot Application
    ScreenSaverNow Starts the Screensaver
    Scroll Text Vertically
    Scrolling Around with the RichTextBox Control
    Searching a huge Excel sheet in a very faster way using VB.NET
    Searching, Sorting, and Multitasking Comparisons
    Securing Text Data in .NET
    Selective Grayscale Filter
    Send Email with VB.NET windows application
    Send Mail Sample
    Send SMTP mail using VB.NET
    Send strings to another application by using Windows messages
    Serialization Sample
    Serialize custom collections of CollectionBase
    Service Manager Sample
    Serviced Components in VB.NET
    Setting the Clipboard File DropList with DropEffect in VB.Net
    Settings_Options DialogBox 2005
    Shamsi Convertor
    Sharing memory across different running applications
    Show any Window with translucent frames
    ShutDown Timer
    Shutdown_Restart VB.Net
    Simple class for easily minimizing to tray and adding context menu with ONE line of code
    Simple Computer Info
    Simple Fixed Array Part 2
    Simple Fixed Array Part 1
    Simple Lambdas Sample (Visual Basic)
    Simple Send using Net Send
    Simple Singleton Forms
    Simple Text Recognition Sample
    Simple Validation Control for WinForms
    Simple Web and RGB Color Picker Utility
    Simple Web Server with PHP Support
    Simplified .NET Configuration
    Simplify your life with object binding
    Simplifying Square Roots
    Simulate COM Connection Points from a .NET Library
    Single Instance App with Command-Line Parameters
    Single Instance Application in VB.NET
    Single instance applications
    Single Instance of Application
    Skinable Minesweeper Clone
    Small Alarm,Programmed By VB.NET
    Smart Numerical Analysis Textbox (SNAT)
    SmartCalc, A scientific calculator for SmartPhone
    Some Advanced Sql Statements And Aggregated Functions
    Sort generic collection
    Sorting Hashtable
    Speech Recognition Sample
    Spell Check in .NET without adding a reference ahead of time - version agnostic!
    SpokenWord - Text-To-Speech and Office Automation in 1!
    SQL Populate a datagrid from a set or specified date range
    SQL and VB.NET Code Generator
    SQL Connection Dialog
    SQL Server 2005 Circular Progress Bar
    SQL Tool designed using VB.NET
    Stack Poly-Engine Crypter for Secure String
    Statistic Class
    StatusStrip Control Sample
    Step by Step Event handling in VB.NET
    Stock Entry on Pocket PC VB.NET & SQL CE
    Stopwatch - a High-Resolution code timer class
    Stored Procedure Sample
    String Enumerations in VB.NET
    String Formatting Sample[git.ir]
    String Manipulation Library
    String Methods Sample
    StringEnum That Works Like System.Enum
    Subclassing in .NET - The pure .NET way
    Synchroniq CodeBase v1.0 (Access database backend version)
    Synchroniq CodeBase v1.0 (SQLServer database backend version)
    System and Environment Information Sample
    TaskPane Source Works
    TCP_IP With VB.Net - version 2(more power-more ease)
    Text 2Text Steganography - Part 2
    Text Based Random Password Generator
    Text Effects
    Text Log Viewer
    Text Validation Sample[git.ir]
    The BindingSource component to disable Windows Forms controls associated with ReadOnly properties
    The Bridge
    The Dark Shadow of Overrides
    The ExifWorks class
    The Paper Hanger
    The Usage of Microsoft Agent Control in VB.NET Applications
    This class has some nice statistical functions
    Threaded User Interface Update Sample
    Time controlled website rotation
    Time Zone Class
    Tiny StopWatch Application
    Tips And Links
    TiTaN Code Generator
    Tlbexp.exe and Regasm.exe (.NET FrameWork Tools Series)
    To make any column readonly in Datagrid
    Top-Level Forms Sample
    Tracker - A Windows Form graph control
    Transactional Objects in VB.NET
    Translucent-Tranparent Forms
    Transparent Label .NET Control
    Transparent, Click-Through Forms
    TreeView Explorer using VB.NET 2008
    Treeview-creating a treeview of folder structure using javascript ,xsl and .net
    Turorial Subclass the Listbox to handle Events
    UDP application for VB.NET
    UdpPeer Control
    Undo_Redo Framework
    universal printing without office
    Updating Windows Security Groups using VB.NET and Directory Services
    Upgrading VB6 to VB.NET
    Use CLSID to secure folders in WinXP
    Use SQL Table Data As AutoCompleteCustomSource
    Use the .NET framework to shorten a path string with an ellipsis
    Use WINSNMP and VB.Net 2005 to retrieve SNMP information
    User Information Sample
    User Log using XML Class
    UserControl Textbox
    Using .NET to create a Windows XP 'Fading-pages' style Wizard
    Using .NET with Wonderware
    Using 404 Not Found For An Email Tracking Image _ Webbug
    Using a VB.NET 2005 Class to Convert RichText to HTML
    Using a Web Service in VB.NET
    Using ADO Recordset Source Code
    Using CopyMemory in .NET
    Using custom attributes to add performance counters to your application
    Using embedded resources to improve flexibility in .NET Web applications
    Using embedded resources with .NET
    Using ExecWB with the native .NET 2.0 WebBrowser control
    Using Nhibernate in VB.NET
    Using PropertyGrid Part-I
    Using Reflection to Bind Object Data to Data Sources
    Using serialization to emulate an assembly
    Using Serialization to Persist TreeView Control (VB.NET)
    Using the Debugger API to get trace messages from an executing application
    Using this component user can maxmize or minimize window size
    Using Windows Forms
    Using XML as datagridview Source
    USPS OneCode Barcodes
    Validating Data Using Regular Expression _ XML
    VB 2005 Some Cool New Features
    VB 6.0 to VB.NET Migration Command Line Arguments Issue
    VB 9.0, C# 3.0 API Viewer
    VB Defamation Indeed!
    VB LINQ SQL Password Verify For Beginners
    VB.NET - Data Access - Use Stored Procedures
    VB.NET - Advanced - Multithreading - How-To Async Calls
    VB.NET - Advanced - Remoting - How-To TCP Remoting
    VB.NET - Advanced - Serialization - How-To Serializing Objects
    VB.NET - Advanced .NET Framework (GDI+) - Animation with GDI+
    VB.NET - Advanced .NET Framework (GDI+) - Create a Screensaver with GDI+
    VB.NET - Advanced .NET Framework (GDI+) - Creating a Windows Service
    VB.NET - Advanced .NET Framework (GDI+) - Use GDI+ to manipulate images
    VB.NET - Advanced .NET Framework (GDI+) - Working with GDI+ Brushes
    VB.NET - Advanced .NET Framework (GDI+) - Working with GDI+ Text
    VB.NET - Advanced .NET Framework (Localization) - Work with Resource Files
    VB.NET - Advanced .NET Framework (Networking) - Use Sockets
    VB.NET - Advanced .NET Framework (Threading) -- Thread Pooling
    VB.NET - Advanced .NET Framework (Windows Services) - Create a Windows Service
    VB.NET - Advanced .NET Framework (Windows Services) - Interacting with a Windows Service
    VB.NET - Advanced .NET Framework - Make WIn32 API Calls
    VB.NET - Data Access - Bind Data in a ComboBox
    VB.NET - Data Access - Build a Master-Detail Windows Form
    VB.NET - Data Access - Create an Offline Application
    VB.NET - Data Access - Custom Data Binding Format Handlers
    VB.NET - Data Access - Data Entry Form
    VB.NET - Data Access - How-To Create a Database
    VB.NET - Data Access - N-Tier Data Form and Data Layer
    VB.NET - Data Access - Read and Write Images from a Database
    VB.NET - Data Access - Retreive and Process data with a SQL Data Reader
    VB.NET - Data Access - Sort and Filter with a DataView
    VB.NET - Data Access - Use ADO 2.6
    VB.NET - Data Access - Using Typed Datasets
    VB.NET - File - How-To File Notifications
    VB.NET - File - How-To File System
    VB.NET - Framework - Comparison of DataBinding in Web and Windows Forms
    VB.NET - Framework - Creating an Enterprise Services Component
    VB.NET - Framework - How-To Configuration Settings
    VB.NET - Framework - How-To Environment Settings
    VB.NET - Framework - How-To MSMQ
    VB.NET - Framework - How-To Process Viewer
    VB.NET - Framework - How-To Reflection
    VB.NET - Framework - How-To Send and Receive Data
    VB.NET - Framework - How-To Service Manager
    VB.NET - Framework - How-To Stack Frame
    VB.NET - Framework - How-To System Events
    VB.NET - Framework - How-To Work with XML
    VB.NET - Framework - Implement role based security with Enterprise Services
    VB.NET - Framework - Key VB.NET Benefits
    VB.NET - Framework - Partitioning your application
    VB.NET - Framework - Scoping, Overloading, Overriding
    VB.NET - Framework - Understanding the Garbage Collector
    VB.NET - Framework - Using the COM Port in VB.NET
    VB.NET - Framework - Using WMI
    VB.NET - Interop - Automate IE
    VB.NET - Language - How-To Arrays
    VB.NET - Language - How-To Build a Custom Collection Class
    VB.NET - Language - How-To Callbacks
    VB.NET - Language - How-To DateTime
    VB.NET - Language - How-To OO Features in VB.NET
    VB.NET - Language - How-To Strings
    VB.NET - Language - How-To Try, Catch, Finally
    VB.NET - NET Framework - Create and use Trace Listeners
    VB.NET - NET Framework - How-To Send Mail
    VB.NET - NET Framework - How-To Use the EventLog
    VB.NET - NET Framework - How-To Working with GDI+ Pens
    VB.NET - NET Framework - Read and Write Performance Counters
    VB.NET - NET Framework - Reading and Writing with a Text File
    VB.NET - NET Framework - Use Temporary Files
    VB.NET - NET Framework - Use the Process Class and Shell Functionality
    VB.NET - NET Framework -- Work with Console Applications
    VB.NET - Security - Create a Login Dialog Box
    VB.NET - Security - Encrypt and Decrypt Data
    VB.NET - Security - How-To Role-based Security
    VB.NET - Security - Use Cryptographic Hash Algorithms
    VB.NET - VS.NET - Create a VS.NET Add-In
    VB.NET - Web Development - Data Entry Form
    VB.NET - Web Development - Exposing a Simple Web Service
    VB.NET - Web Development - Master-Details Web Form
    VB.NET - Web Development - Paging through Query Results
    VB.NET - Web Services - Consume a Web Service
    VB.NET - WebService - How To Transfer Binary Data
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - How-To Data Binding with Navigation
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - How-To System Tray Icon
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - How-To Validating Textboxes
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - Associating Help with an Application
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - Create an Explorer Style Application
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - How-To Automate Office
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - How-To Common Dialogs
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - How-To Data Grid Formatting
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - How-To DataGrid Sorting and Filtering
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - How-To Inherited Windows Forms
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - How-To ListBox and ComboBox
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - How-To Menus
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - How-To Top-Level Forms
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - How-To Use Drag and Drop
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - How-To XML Comments
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - Simple Printing
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - Use Crystal Reports
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - Use Format Codes to Format Data in Strings
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - Use Regular Expressions
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - Use the Clipboard
    VB.NET - Windows Forms - XP Theme Support
    VB.NET - Windows Forms- How-To Custom Exceptions
    VB.NET - WinForms - Dynamic Control Creation
    VB.NET -- Windows Forms -- Owner Drawn Menus
    VB.NET 2003 User Registration Form (2.1)
    vb.net AT commands to send SMS
    VB.NET Background File Downloader
    VB.NET Global Try Catch in the Application Framework
    VB.NET String Obfuscation Utility
    VB.Net Text File Splitter
    VB.NET TreeListView
    VB.NET User Control Validate Empty Textbox with Image and Create and Dynamic Insert Query
    VB.NET_C# and JavaScript communication
    VB6 Hybrid Application Architecture
    VBScan barcode software
    VB’s Statically Typed Wrapper for Dynamic Code
    VDialog (Vista TaskDialog for Windows XP)
    Vertical Label Control in VB.NET
    Visual Basic 2005 Language Features Sample
    Visual Inheritance Sample
    Visual SourceSafe Journal Monitor Service
    Visually alter colormatrix with 25 slidebars, application included
    WCF Chat Sample
    WCF Windows Forms Sample
    Weather Forecast with Yahoo! Weather RSS Feed
    Weather Using VB.NET and Yahoo RSS!
    Web Based Job Scheduler
    Web Browser Sample
    Web service method to backup database from mobile device using SQL Backup Command and asynchronous method calls
    WebResourceProvider VB.NET style
    Windows Application for Merging Text Files
    Windows Forms - Creating and Loading Main Window Form and Child Control States Using VB.NET
    Windows Forms Validation w_ ErrorProvider Control Quickly (Validate Whole Form at Once)
    Windows Shutdown Timer with a One Minute Warning
    WMI Sample
    WMP Power Hour APP
    Word Automation using VB.NET - Part I
    Working with an unbound datagrid
    Working With Paneled Forms (Paneled User Controls) in Windows Applications
    Working with Windows Registry using VB.NET
    World's easiest Trace function
    World's Easiest Way to Create Multi-Line Tooltips
    World's Easiest Way to Reveal Control Names
    Wrap your HTML parser to exclude scripting
    Writing a custom Structure to a binary file in Visual Basic 2008
    Writing CLS-Compliant Structures in Visual Basic 2008
    xDockManager - Per Pixel Alpha Blend
    XML .NET Developer's Guide
    XML Comments Sample
    Xml Database Demo
    XML Document Splitter Class
    XML Literals
    XML Pathfinder a Visual Basic Utility
    Xml to VB.net Class Generator
    XMLDocument Class Sample
    XmlSS.NET Spreadsheet Component
    XQuery Sample (Visual Basic)
    YCC Trainer – Tutorial for Yahoo! Messenger
    Yet Another Date_Time Picker
    Yet Another Tic Tac Toe
    yet another XPathTester
    Your full fledged type comparer
    Zebra EPL2 Printing in .Net
    Zezo WebFiles Downloader
    Zip Files Easy!



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