ANSYS Discovery Live Ultimate 2019 R2 Win64

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    ANSYS Discovery Live Ultimate 2019 R2 Win64 [2019, MULTILANG]

    Minimum requirements for ANSYS Discovery software are as follows:
    64-bit Intel or AMD system, running Windows 7, 8 or 10.
    4 GB RAM (8 GB minimum for Discovery AIM)
    3 button mouse
    A dedicated graphics card with latest drivers and at least 1GB video RAM, capable of supporting OpenGL 4.5 and DirectX 9c, or higher.
    Use of integrated graphics (e.g. Intel HD/IRIS) is not recommended. See below for special graphics requirements for ANSYS Discovery Live.

    ANSYS Discovery Live Graphics Requirements
    ANSYS Discovery Live relies on the latest GPU CUDA technology (9.1 or later) to provide its computation and visual experience.
    To run the software, you will require:
    A dedicated NVIDIA GPU card (Quadro recommended) based on the Kepler, Maxwell or Pascal architecture with CUDA 9.1 (or later) drivers.
    Maxwell 2000 or better strongly recommended. Most dedicated NVIDIA GPU cards produced in 2013 or later will be based on one of these architectures.
    At least 4GB of video RAM (8GB preferred) on the GPU.

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