LimitState SLAB 1.0.d.18482

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    LimitState SLAB 1.0.d.18482

    LimitState SLAB 1.0.d.18482 (x86/x64) -- 67/65 Mb

    LimitState:SLAB is the only commercially available software to systematically automate the well-known yield-line method for concrete slabs, allowing the ultimate load capacity and critical failure mechanism to be calculated in seconds

    Perfect for rapid and accurate assessment of both building and bridge concrete slabs, LimitState:SLAB provides:


    The yield-line method will often show that an existing slab has additional reserves of capacity, or that a new slab requires considerably less reinforcement than indicated by other methods*.


    Define regular and irregular slab geometries using the built-in wizard, by drawing on screen or by importing a layout from CAD.

    Ease of Use

    An intuitive GUI means learning to use the software is a quick and straightforward process.


    Presents a clearly defined failure mechanism and numerical factor on the applied loading. Animations are used to enhance understanding of the critical collapse mechanism.

    LimitState:SLAB is the only commercially available software to systematically automate the yield-line method. To do this the software utilizes Discontinuity Layout Optimization (DLO) technology, which permits rapid assessment of the ultimate limit state capacity of complex concrete slabs without the need to resort to pre-defined failure mechanisms. This makes the software a highly effective concrete slab calculator to identify the optimal reinforcement required for different loads

    x64 Bit System



    x32 Bit System



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