AVEVA Marine v12.1 SP4.29

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  • المسؤول الفني
    • Sep 2018
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    AVEVA Marine v12.1 SP4.29

    Is an integrated line of technologies for shipbuilding and offshore projects of any type. Aveva Marine - a set of integrated solutions for the design and construction of ships, which includes technologies for managing the life cycle of the ship as a whole. Aveva Marine combines experience of cooperation with shipbuilding companies in the world and a wide range of functions for the development of drawings, 3D models and visualization. Cooperation on the basis of a single model of the vessel allows parallel work for all disciplines - hull design, saturation, the development of schemes, drawings and a comprehensive three-dimensional model. This approach ensures effective joint work on the project, maintains the relevance of data with the development of works. A wide range of tools for the development of part of P & ID and customization of engineering applications allows you to integrate the system with existing methods of work. Design drawings and diagrams can be customized according to the requirements for the equipment and materials of a particular shipyard, which guarantees an error-free, high-quality assembly process. The combination of Aveva Outfitting and Aveva PDMS technologies helps to establish cooperation with industrial design specialists, and the AVEVA Global solution supports the work of several territorially remote offices on the basis of a single "virtual shipyard"



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  • عضو مشارك
    • Nov 2018
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