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Backup, Restore and Synchronization System and Files

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  • AweClone Enterprise 2.3

    برنامج موثوق وقوي وسريع لاستنساخ القرص الصلب أو النظام. توفر AweClone تقنية حديثة لاستنساخ القرص الصلب وقرص النظام والجهاز الخارجي بسهولة وأمان. يمكنك بسهولة نقل بياناتك ومحتوياتك من قرص صلب إلى آخر دون فقدان اي شيء. تحتاج فقط إلى تحديد محرك الأقراص الثابت المورد والقرص الصلب الهدف. بعد ذلك ، ستنقل AweClone جميع المحتويات من مورد القرص الصلب إلى القرص الثابت الهدف دون أي خسارة.

    AweClone is a reliable, powerful and fast program for cloning a hard disk. AweClone offers state-of-the-art technology to easily and securely clone a hard disk, system disk, and external device. You can easily transfer your data and contents from one hard drive to another without loss. You just need to select the resource hard drive and the target hard drive. Then AweClone will move all the contents from the hard disk resource to the target hard disk without any loss.

    • Disk cloning
    • Easily and securely clone a hard disk or any storage medium onto another hard disk or device.
    • HDD / SSD Cloning
    • Clone HDD to SSD or SSD to HDD is easy and simple. You can also clone SDD or HDD to an external hard drive or other storage medium.
    • Clone a system hard drive
    • Make a full copy of your hard disk in case of system failure or error.
    • Duplicate your hard drive to another PC or hard drive.
    • Clone a Windows system to another hard disk or external hard disk.
    • Clone entire hard drive or external storage device.
    • Clone hard disk partitions without any loss.
    • Clone HDD to SSD or SSD to HDD.
    • Clone your old hard drive to a new hard drive.
    • Back up your hard drive data.
    • Easily recover data from a cloned backup.
    • Supported file systems: FAT 12/16/32, NTFS / NTFS5, EXT 2/3, exFAT, HFS / HFS + and others


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