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37 اسطوانة 20 الف تصميم اسلامي وشرقي وعربي Aridi Vector Clipart Volumes 1-37

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  • مجموعة تصاميم وخلفيات 37 اسطوانة تشمل تصاميم وزخارف وبطاقات شرقية وعربية واسلامية وتاريخية ولتصميم المواقع واطارات وأزرار والكثير جدا اكثر مما تتخيلة بعدد ملفات يصل الى 20 الف ملف او تصميم تقريبا والأجمل انها تتضمن تصاميم عربية وشرقية واسلامية فيكتورات EPS كما تلاحظون بالصور

    Aridi Vector Clipart Volumes 1-37

    Countless hours are vested in identifying the most interesting, historically-influenced graphical impressions translated on each Aridi art collection. Master designer, Marwan Aridi, has taken the time to perfect the recreation of this ancient art form in digital format with precise attention to detail. This is why Aridi has become known around the world as the finest producer of historically accurate digital art. The reason for this recognition quickly becomes evident once you place an image in your drawing program.

    Since all the images are supplied in EPS vector format, any modification or color changes cam be easily done using a compatible illustration or graphics application.

    Aridi apparently did some combining of various volumes after all 37 volumes were complete. Volume 34 was originally called Seamless Dreams (seamless web background images), but was later discontinued and added to volume 18 BACKGROUNDS II. Volume 18 BACKGROUNDS was discontinued and also combined with volume 18 BACKGROUNDS II (notice there is no BACKGROUNDS I, only II and III).

    Included are all 38 original volumes compressed into one 7-ZIP file and will expand to 38 subdirectories with 19,654 files and 2.7Gb in size.

    Go to aridi.com for thumbnails of all images.

    ARIDI Vol.01 - Initial Caps I
    ARIDI Vol.02 - Initial Caps II
    ARIDI Vol.03 - Historical Ornaments Patterns and Frames
    ARIDI Vol.04 - Arabesque Ornaments
    ARIDI Vol.05 - Arabesque Borders
    ARIDI Vol.06 - Olde World Borders I
    ARIDI Vol.07 - Initial Caps III
    ARIDI Vol.08 - Calligraphia
    ARIDI Vol.09 - Olde World Ornaments
    ARIDI Vol.10 - Ribbons Banners and Frames
    ARIDI Vol.11 - Ornamental Backgrounds
    ARIDI Vol.12 - Initial Caps IV
    ARIDI Vol.13 - Certificates and Awards Borders
    ARIDI Vol.14 - Crests Ribbons and Frames
    ARIDI Vol.15 - Typography and Printers Ornaments
    ARIDI Vol.16 - Aridi Fiesta
    ARIDI Vol.17 - Business I
    ARIDI Vol.18 - Backgrounds (Discontinued and combined with Backgrounds II)
    ARIDI Vol.18 - Backgrounds II (formerly Vol.34 and Backgrounds I)
    ARIDI Vol.19 - Arabesque Designs
    ARIDI Vol.20 - Olde World Borders III
    ARIDI Vol.21 - Backgrounds III
    ARIDI Vol.22 - Olde World Ornaments II
    ARIDI Vol.23 - Frames and Banners
    ARIDI Vol.24 - Calligraphia II
    ARIDI Vol.25 - Olde World Borders IV
    ARIDI Vol.26 - Backgrounds IV
    ARIDI Vol.27 - Calligraphia III
    ARIDI Vol.28 - Arabesque Designs II
    ARIDI Vol.29 - Arabesque Designs III
    ARIDI Vol.30 - Olde World Borders
    ARIDI Vol.31 - Arabesque Masterpieces
    ARIDI Vol.32 - WebClips
    ARIDI Vol.33 - Designer Fonts Collection
    ARIDI Vol.34 - Seamless Dreams (Discontinued and combined with Vol.18)
    ARIDI Vol.35 - Arabic Calligraphy Art
    ARIDI Vol.36 - Arab Caps and Fonts
    ARIDI Vol.37 - Arabic Greetings


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