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    Autodesk Flare 2018 Mac

    Autodesk Flare 2018 | MacOSX | 640 MB

    Flare - Flexible 3D color grading and correction process. Expand your digital compositing capabilities with Flare software. Includes tools for 3D compositing, tracking, text, masking, keying, and relighting.

    Expanded creative capacity

    Flare fits into your existing Flame process.

    Speed turnaround

    Add Flare to expand creative capacity.

    More digital compositing power

    Access more tools, more process options.

    Scalable, flexible access

    Flexible licensing and hardware choices.

    Collaboration tools

    Multiple artists can work within the same project.

    System requirements: Mac OS 10.10.x Yosemite , 10.11.x El Capitan , or 10.12.x Sierra



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