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    مجموعة من البرامج المتخصصة لمهندسي الهياكل. للنمذجة والتحليل والتقييم لهياكل الفولاذ والخرسانة والخشب.

    ولإنتاج وتحليل وتصميم القوالب البلاستيكية والنمذجة الثلاثية الأبعاد.

    masterSERIES 2011.04.27

    s a collection of specialized software for structural engineers. For example, in the construction of steel structures MasterKey steel design the perfect app for the job. The program required by the possibility of building elements for the design of steel structures there. The German easily be used in other applications of the suite.

    For design and analysis tools and metal molds it Tyrahnhay as well as interactive and vivid Steel Beam Designer is the perfect choice. MasterPort new approach to the production, analysis and design of plastic molds and pressed for three-dimensional modeling. The program allows simple analysis of the framework is modeled by natural factors such as wind, snow and earthquake there. Much of three-dimensional software automatically and without user intervention might take.

    Composite structure design industry is now increasingly used. Composite Design software for the design of composite columns based on European regulations and standards. To build a wooden structure that is common in European regions Timber Design Program can help you.

    Even for the construction of residential buildings with Building materials go up programs will be Masnory Design your help. you'll have to

    MasterSeries System Requirements

    Windows XP / 7 (in newer version not tested completely)

    MasterSeries 2011.04.27



    MasterSeries 2009.06.08




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