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    Proektsoft PSCAD v2.3

    The PSCAD e Bulgarian software product is developed from the Projectsoft EOOD for the prospective designer on the construction site on the floor of the building in compliance with the Eurocode and the Bulgarian National Annex.

    The program includes a complex of functions, koito will grasp the winds of the stage on the projector:

    The plots on the 3D are parametrical on the design by means of a guide on the element on the separate corners of the field;

    Automatic generation for assembly and kofrazhni planov, ugledi and cuts to cum AutoCAD or ZWCAD;

    The analysis on the greek and unheated plots, the space model on the fence, the plain of the frame, the basement of the bad / sneakers for the MKE;

    Automatic interface with the Modulite on the Design Expert for oversized, designed and drawn on reinforcing bars



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