Drawing in Illustrator CC: Essential and Advanced Techniques

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    • Sep 2018
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    Drawing in Illustrator CC: Essential and Advanced Techniques

    Duration: 1h 35m | Size: 673 MB

    Opening Adobe Illustrator for the 1st (or 1001st) time? This class is for you! Esther covers some of the most essential and advanced techniques within Illustrator. This class is great for beginners who just want to have jump-start in Illustrator, and it’s also really helpful for seasoned artist, because she uses and compares different ways of drawing the same shapes, so you can really hone your skills and find out what’s best for you.

    Topics covered

    Working with colors
    Creating moodboard
    Digitizing paper sketches and raster sketches
    Best practice on sketching
    Pen tool, pencil tool and blob brush tool, etc
    Curveture tool
    Custom brushes
    Vector Lettering
    Enhancing paper sketches
    Essential and Advanced Illustrator techniques
    Adding texture and character to artwork

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